Palin’s Separatist group linked to Chechen Separatists and Al-Qaeda

God, you know I just hate to keep talking about Sarah this way, She is just so cute in that gun toting, 60’s housewife sort of way.


But I could not make this up!  The LA Times in a recent story has linked Sarah’s husbands quaint little separatist group, The Alaskan Independence Party (or AIP) who’s main platform was promoting the secession of Alaska from the United States, (Seems to me Alaska fits right in with the Bush United States, it’s California that should secede)… well it seems these oil-drillin, moose killin radicals have direct connection to the Chechen separatists, and even have links to them on their web-site.,0,5675222.column


Now here’s where it gets really interesting… The Chechens have been getting money from, wait…prepare yourself…none other than the immortal Osama Bin Laden! (from the grave no less, he is a formidable enemy!)   That’s right, old public enemy number one has been working with the Chechens since the 90’s and although the Bush administration has downplayed the Russians assertion that Al Qaeda was working with the Chechens, Bush later acknowledged  “We do believe there’s some Al-Qaeda folks in Chechnya”  You gotta love that homey talk when talking about terrorists.  Kinda makes ya feel like snuggling up under a cozy blanket to drink some  warm DarJihadi tea, by a blazing car fire..


Now frankly I don’t believe a word the Bush Admin says about terrorism ever, but when GW has said both sides of a subject like this, you can almost be assured the first comment was a lie.


“According to the U.S. State Department, the Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB) is the primary channel for Islamic funding of teh Chechnen guerillas, (remember the bus bombing?) in part through links to Al-Qaeda related financiers on the Arabian Peninsula.


And best of all, the role of the Chechen separatists in teh journey of  4 of the 9/11 hijackers (i.e. patsies) is detailed in “How Chechyna Became a breeding Ground for Terror. by Terrorism expert Lorenzo Vidono, in the Middle East Quarterly, 2005


A lot more can be found on this topic at:


Can anyone even IMAGINE what the Republicans would do if they found out Obama was connected to a US separatist group 2 steps removed from Bin Laden?   Champagne corks would be popping in smoky back rooms all over Washington…


Instead they should be popping in San Francisco. Let’s see if the Dem’s drop THIS pop fly too..

~ by ravingliberal on September 9, 2008.

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