Angry Cowboy – Random thoughts on a cold night in February ‘08

The news is disgusting. Has anyone noticed that many of the right wing commentators are overweight? Nancy Grace: I’ll bet she’s popular with pedophiles. Their arrogance is beyond belief, and they always have lots of news about celebrities. Like I care! I’ve also noticed that the news anchors keep getting younger, prettier, and way more female. Not that I have anything against bimbos, you understand, but sometimes I think I’m watching “The Girls Next Door”.

Funny thing is I haven’t heard one person admit that they made a mistake voting for Arnie or George. Now they see they might lose some money and they’re all looking around for a scape- goat. As I recall, Arnie was going to get California out of debt. The “people” voted out a perfectly good governor (not exactly a barrel of laughs-I voted for a different crook myself) and replaced him with an actor. An actor?! What the…..?

It’s cocktail time on the ranch, and I seem to be losing my focus. However, I am warming to my subject(s). Christ! I’ll be ranting about the local city council by dinnertime if this keeps up.

The economy is going down the tubes, and the media and our “leaders” are running around like Chicken Little. Rebates? Don’t make me laugh! Too little, too late. No one seems to want to admit that we could buy a few countries and set up a worlwide plantation system or some other money farm for the amount we are handing to Halliburton and the defense industry to make us wildly unpopular in the Middle East. For most Americans, all of a sudden, the biggest problem is the economy. I’ll bet that’s not the biggest problem for the poor bastards stuck in Iraq for 18 months at a time. I say RAISE TAXES! Let’s all share the pain. I guarantee you the fucking war will be over in a hurry.

Gee! Do I sound cynical? I’m sure certain that Big Dick would have storm troopers out shooting anyone who protests the war on the mall (a la Spiro Agnew) if he could. Fortunately for us (not so much for them) anyone in the US military who can actually fire a weapon is stuck in some mideast hellhole until we get a president with a brain and a congress with some semblance of a nutsack. This might not happen in our lifetime.

Part of the American dilemma is that most of us still believe the government cares about us. This is obviously delusional. We are simply this big, dumb entity out there somewhere that pays taxes and does what it’s told. They live high on the hog, while denying us decent healthcare (because if would weaken our moral fiber and make us socialists), they spend most of our money on the Military (whether or not anyone is actually threatening us), they take great pains to give billions to their buddies in the military-industrial complex, and with the active cooperation of the media, they keep us distracted with “news” about Linday’s DUI or Britney’s bald twat or whatever.

This is how I feel, and hey, I’m having a good day! We just got a new puppy and had our teeth cleaned, and I’m too old for the draft. Imagine how I feel on a bad day. Fortunately I never have a “bad hair day” anymore.

Whenever we have some natural disaster, George drops in for a photo op. But he never does so immediately. He hides out like he did on 9/11, until the coast is clear, then comes waddling off AF 1, his little sissy mouth pinched and promises that the scary looking bald guy will take care of everything. Be very afraid! This guy was crazy as shit house mouse when things were going well for him. He has nothing to lose now. I think we’d all be better off if he’d just hole up in Crawford and take to Jim Beam and valium.

But wait! There’s more!
Why did Carl rove leave? I think it went something like this.
Carl: “Uh, George, uh. I’ve been coverin’ yer ass fer a long time now.”
Prez: “Yeah, turdblossom, an I really ‘preciate it.”
Carl: “Well, Mr President, yer ass is simply getting’ too big fer me to cover.”
Prez: “Aw c’mon, turdblossom, we’ve lied our way out of billions to Halliburton, the real reason for the war, the real reason we don’t want to change healthcare an dozens of things. We’re stalwarts. We can spin anything!”
Carl: “No. I mean yer actual ass. Ferchrissakes, yer starting to look like J Lo in one of Kruschev’s suits.”
Prez: Picking up phone, “Secret Service, escort Mr. Rove off the premises, on the double!”
C’mon, George Bush is a swaggering coward who pretends to be a cowboy. He’s afraid of horses fer’chrissakes. Understand this well my countrymen!

I ‘m disgusted with both of the “major “parties. They have both disqualified themselves by being so lowdown, corrupt and self-serving. Fuck you, and the horse you rode it on! (spell check thinks “guck” is a word , but thinks “fuck” isn’t. hmmmm). Professional politicians! What a joke. They call themselves “public servants”. Some servants. Pretty well paid servants. . I won’t lie to ya. I want on that gravy train~


~ by angrycowboy on September 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Angry Cowboy – Random thoughts on a cold night in February ‘08”

  1. ye ha

  2. You should give Nancy Grace a break. At least this pill-popping drunkard is still working and she hasn’t even helped to lose the life of another victim today, at least the last I checked. Now, tomorrow is another day, and I’ll have to check on any death toll caused by this Predator.

  3. What the fuck are you talking about?

    At least Cowboy makes some sense in his rants, even drunk…

    Nancy Grace is a shining example of everything thats wrong with this country.. And apparently so are you..

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