In a recent Fox News interview, Sarah Palin claimed that she had been caught off guard when Katie Couric asked her certain questions, like what newspapers and magazines she read. Her responses, Palin said, were “an indication of being outside that Washington elite, outside of the media elite also.”

I see. Only the elite read these days. The rest of America, the real America that she and Todd and Track and Truck belong to, they’re too busy attending hockey practice and trussing their day’s kill for the evening’s supper. Who has the luxury to actually read? No wonder she wanted to ban certain books from the library—heck, just close the library so we don’t breed more elitist readers!

To be fair, Palin did claim when pressed by Couric for specifics that she read everything that was put in front of her. Which makes her a passive reader at best, perhaps being “forced” by colleagues in the Governor’s office to read anything from a budget analysis to the local diner’s take-out menu.  Surely, nothing elitist or Washington-y, like politics or national issues.

What disturbs me most about her answer is not the idiocy of it; it’s the pure lack of ability for off-the-cuff invention. Couldn’t she think of a handful of obvious, politically neutral books or magazines? How about her local newspaper? Time Magazine? U.S. News & World Report? O? The latest Chicken Soup for the Soul? The Bible? It was as if she was so afraid of being painted into a corner by any answer she chose to give none at all. Which only served to make her look dodgy and, well, stupid. Sorry, folks, that’s NOT genuine.

The Palin we saw at the debate wasn’t genuine, either. She reminded me of one of those nicely nicely ladies who frequent church picnics. One minute they’re leading the group in saying grace before the meal, the next minute they’re sneaking off behind the azaleas for some nookie with their neighbor’s husband. I don’t trust her. Her attempt to dodge the Troopergate investigation is a perfect example. I’m not convinced there’s all that much to this case except perhaps the actions of a protective sister. But if she’s got nothing to hide, why obfuscate? The Clintons were subjected to the most public, invasive and expensive reign of terror in political history. But the truth willed out: No, Hilary didn’t do anything wrong in Whitewater. Yes, Clinton sort of had sex with that woman.

No, I don’t trust the Hockey Mom from Main Street Wasilla. She’s not at all like me. And besides, I don’t want to elect someone like me—I want someone BETTER than me—smarter, more experienced, and with better judgment. That’s not Sarah Palin. That’s not John McCain.

It’s Barack Obama and Joe Biden. They read.





~ by Jolene Rae Harrington on October 3, 2008.


  1. Professional woman are firmly established at the top of the financial and civic world and are well suited to it. The choice of this candidate is theater at best and typical “Think Tank’ posturing that says the citizens are just style over substance, they’ll buy anything. I hope this country proves this wrong!!

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