Guantanamo Captives: Who gives a shit where they go….

I read this morning that numerous detainees released from Guantanamo Bay have rejoined Al Kaida.  Apparently, this is some feeble last ditch attempt by supporters of our terror camp still in place in the government to suggest we should not close this bastion of un-American activities…


So to them I say, “Who gives a shit where they go..”


I think the number was less than 20. And it appears they were released to the Saudis, and Viola! they are back in Al-Kaida in months. Think it’s time for a little wake up call for the Saudis?  We COULD tell them to go to hell if we simply drove cars that averaged 40 MPH!  Yes, YOUR SUV keeps us bent over with the Saudis and without the proverbial sheep oil.


And of course, still housed at Guantanamo is another #2 man in Al Kaida.. I think this guy is the tenth of the #2 Al Kaida men captured or killed.  Makes you wonder how many number 3’s there are…


But the reality is these are just a handful of men, if they are even really Al Kaida.( I have come to the point where I don’t believe ANYTHING we are told about Al-Boogey Man.)


20 is a drop in the bucket..  There are probably literally hundreds of new recruits who JOINED Al Kaida just BECAUSE of our bad conduct in Iraq.  What difference does it make what we do with 20+ men? The damage is done…


You want to stop Al Kaida?  Just follow the MONEY, and the MONEY (and the rubble of the WTC) leads to the Saudi’s (and your SUV!)  That’s right, the next time you fill up your car,  just know that a few pennies of every gas purchase are going over seas to the “Feed A Terrorist” program… heck at least we should get an yearly letter and smiling picture for our support,  don’t ya think?


Bottom line, as President Obama said, we must honor our laws and constitution even when it’s inconvenient. It is the right thing, the ONLY thing to do.  Or we don’t deserve the security it ransoms for us…  Bully Obama!


As for the Captives, I say turn them all over to the Iraqi government, let them deal with them the Iraqui way, and close that political chancre called Guantanamo tomorrow…


The Raving Liberal


~ by ravingliberal on January 23, 2009.

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