Who ruined the Stimulus package…

OK, the gloves are off…


As the Media channels are alight with the news that an agreement may have been reached on the Stimulus package — and much speculation about how the Republican party is still trapped in a Reagan era mindset that insists that tax cuts are the fix for everything– one thing has become painfully clear.. The Republican minority in congress does not give a rats ass about the country or it’s populace.


Every economists worth the cost of the paper in their degree, agrees that tax cuts do not provide anywhere near the stimulus that infrastructure investment does..  Even food stamps and unemployment insurance provide 50% more bang for the buck.  And these cutthroat mother fuckers in the Republican Caucus know exactly what’s up. They know all too well that their brick-stupid religious right “Base” still foolishly believes that “trickle-down” isn’t just getting pissed on, and completely buys this tax cut mantra. They also know that the only segment of their base that actually has a clue, are the very well-off, and all they want is more TAX CUTS.  And thus the current fantasiology riddled Stimulus package, like a great ship stripped of its engines, and full of holes, goes out to face the hurricane.  


Yes, right to the end, the Republicans have held out, holding America hostage to their demand for more tax cuts, more of the same Reagan pipe-dream that got us into this mess in the first place..


So let’s make no mistake.  When this Stimulus package DOES NOT WORK, and the economy continues to slide, we can thank NO ONE else but the Republican Caucus for this disgusting display of partisan selfishness.  They have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they care nothing for the working class. NADA!  Nothing for the welfare of the country as a whole…MUCHO NADA!  They care only about breaking the unions, and squeezing the last few drops of blood from the carcass of the United States as we once knew it…


And after this bill fails, and the Republican’s start pointing fingers at the Democrats for not succeeding, just remember one thing…


They, like Rush Limbaugh, WANTED it to fail… They MADE it fail… And NO, the Democrats did not sell out. They did not have a choice. Something had to be DONE IMMEDIATELY, and the Republicans held us all hostage to their lies..


And KNOW this, until we vote every single one of those corrupt, mercenary, pirates out of Congress, or better yet, remove them in shackles, we have NO HOPE of recovery.  Every one that voted against the Bill or pressured for the bogus amendments and tax cuts must GO!


There, I said it.. The thing that every decent journalist, every reasonable economist, every honest politician is thinking but not willing to say.  THEY ALL HAVE TO GO or America will continue to slide down the drain and take the rest of the world with us……


Make it so America, or accept your fate…





~ by ravingliberal on February 7, 2009.

18 Responses to “Who ruined the Stimulus package…”

  1. Sorry to disagree with you, but the liberal agenda of debt creation, increased spending, and bigger government is just plain wrong.

    There are plenty of economists who think this stimulus package is a road to ultimate ruin. But go ahead and rave on, if it makes you feel better. Instaed of focusing on your feelings, you might try thinking for a change.

  2. I’d love to see them voted out….But I don’t think I can survive long enough to do it…That just may be thier plan!!!

  3. Conservatives are economic terrorists who fly their lies into our economic buildings and educational structures in hope of destroying the middle class.

    They hate us for our prosperity; because prosperity leads to more Liberalism.

    $10,000 invested under only Republican presidents in the S&P would have only returned $1,733. That same $10,000 invested under only Democratic presidents would have returned $290,671.

  4. Liberal Agenda of Debt creation? Who the hell spent the LAST trillion KILLING People? The Liberals? What the hell are you smoking? Put down the pipe for at least an hour before you reply here…

    This isn’t about bigger government. It’s about saving the asses of everyone who has been conned into believing the free market WORKS..

    I have proposed we spend 3 TRILLION on Alternative infrastructure and your reply is we can’t borrow our way out of a mess, but that shows your ignorance regarding the nature of debt.. The money is created out of thin air and BACKED by the promisssary to pay back. Without the promissary, it deflates the dollar. The gold standard is NOT the solution, as it allows the same big guys to manipulate the money supply, as they did in the great depression. They just hord the cash, or gold, or whatever, and industry grinds to a halt and people starve…. That is why they created the debt system. With all it’s weaknesses, it is better than gold back currency… That being Said, the Fed system is flawed no question… But it is the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD SO GET OVER IT, IT ISN”T GOING TO CHANGE…

    The 3 Trillion I have proposed for Alternative infrastructure would be paid for by the Productivity generated by the investment, NOT BY OUR CHILDREN’s children as the economically uninformed love to suggest. (The Federal Reserve issue is just not as simple as you would like it to be..) The current Stimulus bill will also pay for itself in part, but no where near as much aas renewable energy infrastructure. Nor will it make us more competitive and THAT is the KEY . But until you really understand the magnitude of the CON, with the 100+ TRILLION in credit swaps floating out there, this simple minded, no big government stuff is just a obstacle to any real recovery… The free market is a CASINO and without significant GOVERNMENT regulation, the house always wins…

    And I would hesitate to disparage the writer of the article until you actually know what the hell you are talking about. Philosophy must be understood with one important observation.. IT is alll WRONG, just a perspective… The devil is in the DOING…

  5. Robert,
    As opposed to the conservative agenda of “drowning” the federal government in a bathtub? Under Republican presidents 75% of our current deficit was generated. That’s about 7 – 8 trillion dollars! The difference in our philosophies is as different in the way we balance our checkbooks. Liberals generate revenue (taxes) and spend the money accordingly, Conservatives spend the money and spend the money and spend the money while reducing revenue. Your super-patriot mantra does not fool me or any of us progressives. Your goal is nothing less than the destruction of this government.
    I was told that according to Republicans that there is no society, only the individual. Their words and actions reinforce this theory. It is my firm opinion that the real Conservative agenda is a return to feudalism. I would be interested in hearing how the reality, according to you, does not match the theory, according to me.
    I thank you and all politically vocal Americans for their opinions and with all due respect believe that everyone should have a voice. That being said, if you will forgive my use of the vernacular, opinions are like asshole, everyone has one and they all stink.

  6. Please be clear, that I am not smoking anything. And I certainly do not support the massive war spending of the previous administration. If you are so aginst war, why not stop the expenditures and adopt a non-intervention policy. I see not support for that from eith side of the aisle.

    I would hope that free expression of ideas would be welcomed on theis website. Even if they do not coincide with one’s personal view.

  7. P.S. Your comment about philosophy. Not all philosophy is wrong. Philosophy is just the basis for thinking. You have a philosophy weather you know it or not. If you just want to reject all thinking, I cannot agree.

  8. Robert, I think it is VERY clear that I allow all different points of view if presented civily. Your comment regarding the author of the piece not “Thinking” was a personal attack and typically not permitted, but I allowed it because I want to encourage opposing views, and the piece was rather uncivil t0o begin with.. Such an absurd suggestion that anyone who writes on this site doesn’t THINK, was however the motivation for the caustic tone I took with my reply to your comment…

    Keep on writing Robert, your thoughts are always welcome here…


  9. Thanks Eric,

    I will keep writing, and appologize for any lack of civility. It was not my intent. In actuality, I was trying to express a general opinion, regarding that there are some philosophies which in fact do reject thinking and logic. Plato, Kant, and Hegal just to name a few.

    There are philosophical derivitives from Aristotle, such as Objectivism which value logic, reason, and reality over mystical faith based antecedents.

    My reaction was rooted in the same critism which you pointed out in me. I thought that to attack a different point of view, such as the villification of someone based on party, rather than on content was not so valuable in a meaningful debate.

    I think that there are those who oppose the stimulus package, based on the fiscal ramifications, and it does not mean that they care less about the public good.

    If the uncontrolled creation of debt, collapses the dollar, and manifests a hyper inflationary event or direction, Then where will we be?

    There are opposing economic views. In my view, a four year old could grasp the fact that a problem caused by debt creation and over spending, can not be corrected by more debt creation and more overspending.

    To villify those who would agree is really a little over the top.

    Regarding personal attacks, to ask me what I am smoking, is quite the same thing as saying that I am not thinking.

  10. The anger in the post was a product of the FACT that the Republicans are scuttling the Stimulus package not because they believe it will cause economic damage, but because they simply want to hold America hostage for more tax cuts. If they had any concern over defecit spending they wouldn’t have LOCK step supported the Iraq War, a fiscal BLACK HOLE with NO FISCAL UP SIDE whatsoever.

    They don’t agree with anything but protecting their power and lining the pockets of the rich.

    That is painfully obvious from their actions, and you know the cliche, “Actions speak…”

  11. The only serious disagreement I have with your post is that the Democrats “have no choice”. They DO have a choice. They must pass a bill that includes what they are willing to be blamed for or pass no bill at all. Why are Demoocrats so afraid to play hard ball? While there will certainly be more pain without even this awful bill, that pain is price the American public must suffer for not being more vocal in support of a real bill. Obama and the Democrats must also explain to the public what they are up to, but they seem to forget that part of the obligation that representatives have to their constituents.

  12. Hi Eric,

    My concern is not that what you say is not true, but it is a generalization. There are certainly Republicans who are opposing the bill soley do to party bullshit. But there are others who are sincere. In my humble opinion, there is one Senator who speaks to reason and sound money principles. He is Ron Paul. I would not want to vote him out due to a balnket condemnation of the rest.

    I am neither a Democrat, nor a Repblican. In my personal view, there is practically no differences between the parties. If we focus hatred on one party or another, we are wasting time, and energy which would be better devoted to looking at what they are actually doing, as opposed to focusing on their motives.

    We can debate forever the motives, but we must not be blinded to the actions.

    Hi Scott,

    I agree that there is always a choice. I would also raise a question here as to the assumption that all the answers lie with the federal government. I think that a smaller government might be helpfull. I have tremendous regard for the American people. I think that they have the potential to be resouceful, and can do miricles if they are allowed to be free.

    I oppose the move toward bigger government, and more governmental control. We are trying to get through a crisis. This crisis has its roots in big government, big corporations, and big banking.

    The one thing common to all is “Big”. I think that it is not wise to focus only on short term crisis control without looking at the long term effects. We are drowning in debt. Thee seems to be an attitude that we must borrow now and worry about paying later. This is the same thinking which lead to this crisis. It will not ultimately serve us to fix this using methods which will lead to a bigger crisis later.

    One way or another, eventually someone will have to pay the bill.

  13. Just one more thought. Why I ask do we let the private central bank, FED refuse all transparency? I do not trust them one little bit. They create the money, they control the money, and they protect only themselves and their selfish pritate interests. When asked for accountability, they ploitely thumb their noses at us, and we let them continue to dictate policy, while being accountable to no one.

  14. First time I’ve seen this site,

    Very interesting. I agree completely. We ae in this situation because wayyyy back during the Reconstruction period we failed to utterly destroy the traitors who had rebelled against the union. We allowed them back into the congress and the Republican party that had presided over the fait accompli of emancipation (Lincoln had no choice when slaves by the thousands flocked to union camps when union troops entered the south) turned its back on any sort of compromise knowing full well that the financial interests from the north were hungry for the market that the south represented. It was at that point that the GOP allied once and forever with financial interests over the people of this country, hell, against the very country itself.

    Strip the south of all federal bases and dry up the federal tax dollars going into the confederacy. Let the people who are screwing the rest of the country see what it would be like without a federal government to bail their asses out with food stamps and SCHIP and jobs on military bases.

    They wanna secede again? I say we let them go and police the borders so they can’t get back in.

  15. Welcome Matt to the site.. I have said in jest that this WALL the conservatives want to build on the border? I AGREE! Let’s just move it up a little say up the west border of Texas and then east along the line that forms the northern borders of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennesee and North Carolina.. That will save us about 1500 miles of fence a lot of trouble for the civilized people of this country…

    And Build it REAL HIGH…

    But I jest, of course……

    Visit and comment often!


  16. You seem to have forgotten that the house bill already had a third of it in no stimulus tax cuts without a single republican having any input. And then Obama gave them more in the form of medicaid still won’t cover birth control. If Obama were a leader he would have started without any and let them put some in and then maybe we would have had a bil taht was worth the paper it is written on. Sorry you guys are screwed Obama owns this bill and when it doesn’t work he will get the blame.

  17. He said as much himself, that he should have started from zero… He put it in hoping to get their support right off the bat, then came to fully discover the Republicans Caucus for the useless, cutthroat, lying obstructionists they are. There is no training for being president, fortunately he is a very smart man…

    Watch, Obama learned his lesson this time, he said as much in his comments, and he will be playing hardball from now on…

    And BTW…WE GUYS aren’t screwed. EVERYONE is screwed if the bill doesn’t work, including YOU… SO do something about it.. Call your senator.. Obama can’t do it alone…

  18. Why and when did tax cuts or incentives become a BLANKET tool, like a shotgun instead of a scalpel? One could easily make a tax cut for an entepeneur that created a company that generated at least 10 jobs and $100,000 in tax revenue, but returning to the entrepeneur 10% of the tax for the first three years as a startup credit subsidy.

    You could get a tax cut for investing in GREEN energy, like no/reduced capital gains and other favorable treatment, while INCREASING the capital gains on tobacco, oil, etc.

    The entitlement world if anything is what will break us…everyone feeling they are entitled to anything anyone else gets. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. If my neighbor gets a break on his mortgage, that’s MY tax dollar paying for it, but, bully for him, and by the way, it stops the value slide of MY home. If, for instance, someone needs a new hip and they are fat, they shouldn’t get one until they get down to weight (spoken as one getting a new hip and having lost 15 pounds to get ready!).

    And, quit your whining. Get over it. Dems are in power. They will either lead and succeed, or they won’t. You blame Bush, but now you STILL want to blame Bush/Republicans if Obama fails. What a hypocrite. Dems can either get r done, or not. No bull. Here’s the ball…there’s the hoop….shoot.

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