Raving Liberal – The REAL reason Obama can’t close Guantanamo Bay…

I must confess, I was surprised, and not just a little bit disappointed in Mr. Obama when I heard that he was waffling on his commitment to close Guantanamo Bay.  Of course there was all the congressional rhetoric questioning where we can house these “most dangerous men in the world” and such, and of course the insistence that NO ONE wanted them in their home state prisons! God knows, they might convert the whole place to Islam!

But as I considered all this, it really did not make sense…Anyone with half a brain knows our state prisons hold men who have killed hundreds with their own hands, these guys in Guantanamo, many of which are probably innocent of actual terrorism beyond vague ties, many of which might not be guilty of anything, they would be flowers in a sea of goats in the hard core US prison population..

No there had to be something else. Then I read Naomi Klein’s book, Shock Doctrine and I discovered the answer, there as plain as the nose on my face. In the book she describes the evolution of a heinous process of mind erasure, brain washing in the most literal sense, in that their brains are washed of all sense of self. The process entails months and even YEARS of sensory depravation in complete silence and darkness, only interrupted by brief episodes of excessive brutality or “Shocks”. The infamous water-boarding is just one of many terrible “Shocks” which also included beatings and electric shocks to the brain, gums, and genitals.

This process was pioneered by a thoroughly twisted Psychiatrist named Ewen Cameron and decades of his research was funded wholly or in part by the CIA.  His goal; to systematically erase the minds of his “patients” and reprogram them. And erase he did, to the tune of hundreds of victims, often whose only crime had been sexually promiscuity or being slightly anti-social. But in 30 years or this state funded torture, he never succeeded in healing anyone, and only left the patients shattered, their minds just a jumble of random memories and experiences.. Some were drove completely mad..

Klein further documents how these devastating techniques have been used extensively in Guantanamo as well as Abu Graib and doubtless the many secret CIA interrogation camps scattered around the globe, and she suggests there could be hundreds of these shattered hulls of humans hidden away in Guantanamo. So I finally understand– THAT is why Obama can’t close that camp — because if he did, inevitably the truth would come out about the treatment of these people, a treatment that manages to eclipse any traditional understanding of torture. These people could never stand trial, for they are incapable of coherently defending themselves, not to mention carry on a coherent conversation.  

This is the real dirty secret of Guantanamo, not water-boarding. Water-boarding is the smokescreen, the technique they knew the populace might be able to get their heads around, especially with the likes of Sean Hannity et al, saying “it’s not that bad”.  But if they knew the truth, they might not see it for any more than what it was– absolute brutality on the order of something Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele would do.  It is also clear to see where the young and impressionable soldiers at Abu Graib got their penchant for sadistic abuse. They were TAUGHT it by the CIA. They were trained to be monsters.

This is no partisan superlative; the Bush Administration took America to a place only visited by the likes of the Spanish inquisition or Mengele. And we still let Dick Cheney on television to argue it was necessary? That scum, and all those who promoted such inhumanity should spend a year in Guantanamo themselves.  Maybe Obama’s right in not closing Guantanamo.  We have some terrorists still residing in this country that need to see their handiwork first hand, starting with Mr. Cheney.  Obama, I fear, is cursed with knowing a truth that maybe cannot be let out of the box, for the truth is even worse than we can imagine.  

FOR MORE on Naomi Klein’s outstanding, MUST READ  book Shock Doctrine

~ by ravingliberal on May 29, 2009.

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  2. The author does not suggest that Obama should not close the camp. He is suggesting that that may be why Obama feels he can not.. REALLY bad PR.. But we at Conspireality believe only the truth shall set you free, and other such noble cliches..

  3. obama has said recently–It will be closed.

    It will be closed to closea la port

  4. Yes, America is a Neo-Roman state. Brutality must be defended, by being ignored, at all costs. Only place we have for reflection is church — and that’s little consolation after the Neocons turned them into training camps.

  5. The only real church is within. All else can be, and will be manipulated for power.. Theres nothing more powerful than saying “I speak for God” thats why organized religon is a scourge..

  6. Good post. Remember Jose Padilla? http://www.alternet.org/blogs/peek/59967/

  7. EXACTLY….

  8. This really makes sense. No one would have to worry about the Gauntanamo prisoners coming to the US and escaping. Where could they go? The language barrier and culture shock would paralyze them. This new factor – the prisoners’ “erased” minds- would definitely show how pointless, cruel, and unusual the Gitmo program is.

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