Billions in Recent Yememi Investments and The Underwear Bomber’s Daddy. It’s a Small World Ain’t It?

 by Scott Creighton

Why are we attacking the people of Yemen?  Because some kid is alleged to have sewn a big fire-cracker into his underwear then sat on it in a plane over Detroit?  Nope.  Not even close. If you want to know what this is all about, follow Daddy’s money all the way to the IMF and Jaiz Bank <> . 

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t brave soldiers used to throw themselves on grenades back in the day to absorb the shock and therefore save their fellow soldiers. Isn’t there a saying about “throwing yourself on a grenade” to that end?  So the big “terrorist” plot here is to get a small amount of PETN onboard a plane <>  and then SIT ON IT, thus absorbing the relatively small explosion… with his ass and his 150lb body?  

That’s the “plan” that requires, as President Obama blusters, “every element of national power” to fight?  I don’t think so. You gotta look a little closer than a singed pair of tightie-whities if you want to know why President Obama is going to kill more people in Yemen.  I have.  Take a look. 

The other day I wrote about President Obama’s attempt to assassinate a witness in Yemen as well as the IMF and World Bank connections related to that nation as the probable reason the US feels compelled to invade.  The premise was, that with all the free-market “reforms” being forced on the people of Yemen by these privately owned international banking institutions, the poor of that nation were rising up against the corrupt government and it looks like without our help, there will be a regime change.  I wrote about the involvement of the Kuwait Energy company and their connections with the World Bank as it relates to the multiple ongoing oil and LNG pipelines running throughout the country.  Basically, I estimated based on information from the websites and publications from the World Bank, IMF, and Kuwait Energy websites that there was about a quarter of a billion dollars at stake and that it was that money that was the reason President Obama chose to attack the people of Yemen.  

Once again, Obama and his administration are serving the bank’s interests first. 

Well, hold onto your hats folks… I was wrong.  Yes, you heard that right.  Scott Creighton (willyloman) is admitting he was wrong.  My research was incomplete and I missed the mark by quite a bit. 

Instead of having a quarter of a billion dollars of foreign investment on the line… it’s more like 5 billion dollars

Yemen’s foreign debt has increased from $8.9 million to $5.9 billion since July 2009, according to the report on banking and currency developments issued by the Yemen Central Bank. 

The IFC’s institutions topped Yemen creditors, with Yemen owing them about $3 billion, including $2.2 billion for the International Development Foundation. 

The rest of the debt was for the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the International Fund for Agriculture Development IFAD, the Islamic Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the OPEC and the EU. 

Yemen’s debt for the Paris Club Members came second by about $1.8 billion, with $1.3 billion in Russian loans. 

Many outstanding loans come from Japanese, U.S., French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch and German sources. 

The country’s debt for other creditors came in the third place with Yemen owing Saudi, Kuwaiti, Chinese, Algerian, Korean, Polish and Iraqi funds about $836 million. The debt for unidentified sources reached $195.7 million by July.  YOB Sept. 2009 <>  

Since July of 2009, money has been pouring into Yemen fast and furious; money that may never be recovered were there to be a revolution and subsequent regime change in that nation.  President Obama can’t allow that to happen. But how is he going to go to the American people and tell them that foreign investors and international banks are worried about their billions in investments in the “reforms” of Yemen’s socioeconomic system?  That wouldn’t be an easy sell to a post TARP Bill nation now would it? 

Enter Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and his ridiculous “underwear bomb”. 

Now, all this time after the terrorist attack on Flight 253 (and I will call it that because whether it was done by one “lone gunman” or the state, it’s still an attempt to effect change through the use of fear so it is terrorism) what do we really know about Abdulmutallab?  Well, we have been told by an agency that has lied to us many, many times that he has “confessed” to the attack because he was “radicalized” and that he received help from terrorists in Yemen.  All too convenient of a story isn’t it?  Billions on the line in Yemen, Obama tries to assassinated a guy there killing scores of innocent people instead, and ALL OF A SUDDEN we have this guy coming out of the woodwork with his silly “underwear bomb”. 

After scouring though all his emails (I told you they keep every single comment and email forever) the only “radical” thing the media can say about him… is he’s lonely.  Imaging that; a lonely student. 

Well, what isn’t the MSM and President Obama telling you about Abdulmutallab that is relevant to the story? Let me fill in some blanks. 

1. The Underwear Bomber’s IMF and World Bank indebted Father 

Abdulmutallab’s father is indeed a banker just as the MSM has said. The interesting thing is, he’s not JUST a banker, he is THE banker in Nigeria. According to a recent Times story, Abdulmutallab’s father, Umaru Mutallab is one of the wealthiest men in Africa <> ; that says a lot in a continent as corrupt as Africa.  

In Nigeria, the nation Umaru Mutallab lives in, according to the World Bank, 53% of the population lives on less than $1 per day.  Abject poverty is rampant in Nigeria and so are human rights violations.  Kinda has to be that way to keep the super wealthy in control of the population. 

On February 25, police killed approximately 50 persons, burned nearly 100 homes, and destroyed more than 150 market stalls in Ogaminana, just outside Okene, Adavi local government area, Kogi State. 

On November 27, in Jos, ethno-religious violence erupted during the vote tabulation for the Jos North Local Government Area elections resulting in the deaths of approximately 300 persons. Credible reports indicate the police and military used lethal force during attempts to quell the violence, killing approximately 100 civilians. 

Police officers were not held accountable for excessive or deadly force or for the deaths of persons in custody. Police generally operated with impunity in the apprehension, illegal detention, and sometimes execution of criminal suspects.  2008 US State Deptment Report on Human Rights Violations in Nigeria <>  

How did Abdulmutallab’s father become so wealthy in the first place?  Umaru Mutallab was the Nigerian Minister of Economic Development in 1975.  He then spent a decade as the Managing Director and CEO of United Bank for Africa.  For the last ten years, Umaru has been the chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria. 

So, Abdulmutallab’s father was instrumental through his government position in facilitating the World Bank and IMF’s entrance into the Nigerian economic system.  He then goes on to head up several banks making himself filthy rich while the vast majority of Nigeria is impoverished to unprecedented degrees all the time and kept in check by ruthless police and military oppression. 

That’s the “underwear bomber’s” “banker” father; a corrupt Nigerian banker with excessive connections to the IMF and the World Bank and who OWES everything he has to them. 

So far what we know about Daddy Warbucks is this; he went to the State Department (U.S. Embassy) <>  and then he went to the CIA offices in Nigeria <> supposedly to “warn” them about his “radicalized” son.  Yet, no emails or web comments appear to make Abdulmutallab look very radical.  So why was Daddy Warbucks with his deep IMF and World Bank connections really meeting with the State Department (US Embassy) and CIA?  Why is it that after the supposed “warnings” Abdulmutallab was STILL able to get on that flight with all the warning signs and red flags?  Hmm? 

When Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father in Nigeria reported concern over his son’s “radicalization” to the U.S. Embassy there last month (Nov. 19th), intelligence officials in the United States deemed the information insufficient to pursue.  Washington Post <>  

Abdulmutallab’s father Alhaji Uma Abdulmutallab, a prominent banker, was said to have had one face-to-face meeting with a CIA official in Nigeria (just 5 weeks ago) and several contacts by telephone.  Telegraph <>  

2. The Underwear Bombers Mother 

Abdulmutallab’s mother isn’t talked about much.  Ever wonder why that is?  Well, I’ll tell you; it’s because she is from Yemen.  That’s right.  Yes, Abdulmutallab went to Yemen.  But is it possible he went to visit his mother or other relatives there and NOT “al-Qaeda” operatives?  It’s hard to figure out, because everything about his mother is being scrubbed up on the net. Very little is being said about her and who she is. But this much I know, she is from Yemen and may live there, or may not.  I will continue looking into it. 

Now, here is what we have learned; 

  • Yemen increased its national debt to the tune of 5 billion dollars from July to September of this year  (they may have borrowed more since Sept). The IMF, World Bank, and Paris Club members are on the hook for that money if the revolution in Yemen is successful.
  • A World Bank and IMF indebted super wealthy “free-market” reformer in Nigeria goes to the State Department and then to the CIA in Nigeria to talk about his son.
  • That same son, for reasons unknown decides “out of the blue” to sit on a small amount of explosives in a plane in Detroit.  The CIA somehow misses the warning signs.
  • The FBI announces immediately that the son “confessed’ that it was all Yemen’s fault.
  • After the attack, all the banking controlled congressmen and the Obama administration announce we will attack “the terrorists” in Yemen and thus help “stabilize” the current corrupt government of that nation.

Now, one more thing… this one is funny actually that no one else caught it. 

Daddy Warbucks, Umaru Mutallab (remember, one of the wealthiest men in Africa, banker extraordinaire) played a major role in introducing Islamic banking <>  into Nigeria. Islamic Banking is represented and organized globally by what is called the Islamic Development Bank <>  which is deeply involved with Nigeria now  <> (thanks in part to Umaru Mutallab) mainly through a bank called Jaiz Bank.  

Umaru Mutallab sits on the board of Jaiz Bank and is in fact it’s chairman <> . 

This year, however, should see the launch of Nigeria’s first Islamic bank. A holding company called Jaiz International, has been set up in the country to launch what will eventually be called Jaiz Bank International. It is being supported in its endeavours by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), which is helping to ensure that the launch of Jaiz is a success and that the bank complies with international banking regulations and Nigerian laws.  All Business 2007 <>  

Well look at that.  Jaiz Bank, headed up by the “underwear bombers’ father is in fact supported financially by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).  

Now remember what I first put up in this article, the IDB is also heavily invested in the neoliberal reforms of Yemen’s economy which are at this very moment, under serious risk of the ongoing revolution in that country. 

Daddy Warbucks, whose banking ties are under threat of serious set-backs, goes to the State Department and then the CIA and all of a sudden his lonely, college drop-out, populist son, ends up getting on a flight and setting his nuts on fire and the good-old U.S. of A can now come running in to the rescue to save all those precious investments in Yemen that are directly tied to, you guessed it, the underwear bomber’s daddy.  A small world, ain’t it? 

I hope that clears things up a little bit.  

Either that or they just “hate us for our freedom”.  Take your pick.

~ by Eric Harrington on January 1, 2010.

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