Andy Lloyd – Fiction…or Prophecy?

Ezekiel One proves to be prophetic!? It’s an amazing claim, but it’s absolutely true! One of the characters in my new book, Ezekiel One, has literally come to life!

The book, like all science fiction, proposes a future series of outcomes. Strangely, one of those outcomes has already come true. One of the characters in the book is a Russian oligarch, named Mr Provotkin. He lives in London, and owns the city’s newspaper, the ‘Daily Standard’. It was a bold contention on my part to make the owner of a prestigious London newspaper a Russian, but it tied in with certain threads of the plot. The fictitious Mr Provotkin is obsessive with security, and involved in breaking open the NASA conspiracy about “Ezekiel One”. I wrote ‘Ezekiel One’ in January – March 2008 and it has just been published.

In mid January 2009, news broke that a real Russian oligarch living in London, Alexander Lebedev, is in advanced talks to buy the London ‘Evening Standard’, the real-life title that my fictional paper is based upon. Furthermore, Lebedev is an ex-KGB foreign intelligence agent. It’s an incredible coincidence. Was this some kind of unconscious prophecy on my part? What’s weirder is that the title of the book itself is based upon a verse of Old Testament prophecy. So, what else in the book might come true? There’s plenty in it about Planet X and 2012 after all.


~ by andylloyd on January 26, 2009.

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