Petition to Support President Obama’s efforts to regulate the Banking Industry

For the last three days the market has tanked.  Yet oddly, most of the corpoprate news is positive.. Heck, even GM had positive news for the first time in years. But then there’s the Stock Market,  DOWN 200 points!  A freak panic? A bad quarterly report from Apple?  NO such luck.  But we know what’s up really..  Clearly, those 200 points are a sharp response to Obama’s proposal for tighter restrictions on banks made on that same day.  Then the talking heads say “Investors” show the displeasure with Obama’s threat to regulate the banks.  Now seriously, do you honestly think the majority of “Investors” are upset about stricter bank regulation?  Didn’t they just get  burned along with everyone during this crash?   Of course they did.  No, there is really only one group of investors that really benefits from giving the banks a pass on the recent shakedown better known as the “credit crisis”  and it’s TARP ransom payout, and that’s the Wall Street hustlers and their rich pimps, the big banks. 

That 200 point  “signal”  is just a shot across the bow politic for even suggesting that we can conrol them —  a graphic warning to the administration that Wall Street can crash the market AGAIN if they want to, and we will have to bail them out AGAIN.  “Dat’s right, and whatta you gonna do aboutit?”   And if we don’t pay them off, the whole market crashes down in flames.

But THEY really can’t do it alone.  They can only crash it 200 points or so like we saw today. But that 200 points is just enough to scare then hell out of the rest of the investment world, enough that with just a little nudge from a bunch of sensationalist talking heads predicting doom, suddenly it’s Crash 2.0!,  And all from just those 200 little points and a lot of partisan fear mongering.   It has never been clearer. And the insurance companies demonstrated the same “Whatta yu gonna do about it?” arrogance, in their “interviews” with congress. 

So we have to stop them NOW!  It is a defining moment, the moment to make our stand. Obama wants to do it, count on that. He doesn’t LIKE being under the thumb of these gangsters. They aren’t his people, they just own the store these days, and no one wants a crash on THEIR watch, so he plays along and hires their cronies.  But it’s got to bug him, so  we have to show him we got his back if he actually tries to take our financial system back.    Let the healthcare battle languish for a minute, this is WAR.  Our Country has a revolution currently being fought inside our borders, one between the people, and the real Mob–  the Wall Street Insurance Bank Cartel — and they are effectivly holding a knife to the financial throat of America.  Aint nobodody going to regulate THEIR Casino. “Fogettaboutit.”

So for us, it’s time to ACT! 

We MUST support the President in this.  Even if he doesn’t really mean it, or he’s doing it cynically or for political redirection. Overwhelming support and clear anger at the banks might just give him some cajones, and us some hope again.  

There is NOTHING more important we can do right now than show these Gangsters that they can no longer extort our government with thier market manipulations.


 And also don’t forget the Move Your Money Campaign started by Ariana Huffington and Rob Johnson at Huffington Post.  You can read more about that program HERE. 

A REAL Bank Boycott movement could send shock waves through the banking industry. There is NO better way to exert our power than through a boycott.  But We the People have got to do it ourselves–we cannot just wait for Obama to try to do something and run headlong into another Republican filibuster. He cannot do anything today with the Republican NO machine  without CLEAR overwhelming support from the populace.

So let’s give it too him!  Call your senators!  Write the Whitehouse!  Let them know we DEMAND banking reform.   The recent  crisis was pure EXTORTION, a classic shakedown that would make a Mob Don proud, and we cannot let it continue or the US middle class will soon cease to exist.

It’s up to us!


The Raving Liberal

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~ by ravingliberal on January 22, 2010.

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