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In Conspireality we take on the most controversial topics with the objectivity of those who trust no one and believe nothing, for the truth requires no belief.

Our goal is to separate the fact from the fiction, the reality from the conspiracy theory, and dig deep into those areas where they cannot be separated. 


[Kuhn-spir-ree-al-it-tee] -Noun, Plural: –ties  Def: Where Conspiracy and Reality Collide.


We’re Back!

After a long hiatus, the editors of Conspireality are back in the saddle, with the exception of our departed friend and contributor Angry Cowboy, AKA Tony Vice.  May he rest in peace.  To those who have enjoyed our site in the past we hope you will return, and to those of you who are new, well, never mind…   Eric

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    1. holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.


  1. a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.

The truth about Conservatism.. It’s not what they say it is..

Andy Lloyd – More Dark Stars than Stars in the Universe?

A great piece by one of our favorite contributors Andy Lloyd on the possibility that there are countless Dark Stars in the universe, Dark stars he described in his Book “The Dark Star, a dark variety of star very difficult to see even relatively close, and the kind of star he has developed a very persuasive case for being a Binary partner to our sun in a very distant orbit.  The Dark Star better known as Planet X, or this authors favorite, Nibiru..

Trump Intelligence Allegations!

Well here lies a copy of the intelligence brief both Donald trump and President Obama received regarding the involvement of Russia in the Election and with trump in general.

The allegations are SHOCKING including that the Russian s did indeed hack the DNC, that they had highly compromising sexual video on Trump from multiple visits to Russia, and the suggestion that Trump has bee passing Intel on Russian Oligarchs in the US TO the Russians. Trump has bee a Russian SPY for over 8 YEARS!

Read it and weep for our democracy. Trumps mockery of our democracy must stop.

This Political Theorist Predicted the Rise of Trump-ism. His Name Was Hunter S. Thompson.

This is an absolutely terrific piece fro  The Nation on Hunter S. Thompson’s brilliant and prophetic analysis of the Hell’s Angels 3 decades ago, and it’s connection to the rise of Trump. Absolutely MUST READ!!

FILM -The Demolition of Truth: Psychologists Examine 9/11

On the 15th anniversary of the September 11th False Flag, I am proud to present the broadcast version of “The Demolition of Truth: Psychologists Examine 9/11”, produced and directed by my dear friend Charles Ewing Smith.  This is an excellent film, and the full version is making the rounds of theaters around the country, so go and SEE it!!!!

Eric Harrington – Unions are the Root of all Evil (and other Conservative Pipe Dreams)

 VIDEO – JFK to 9/11 – Everything is a Rich Mans Trick

This is absolutely one of the best “Conspireality” videos I have seen EVER.  There is so little here I could debate that this is an amazing piece of work. This video completely aligns with our research as to the origins of the Fascist movement from WW2 all the way through 9/11. This video is long (3 hrs), but it is a MUST SEE! I mean it, if you want to understand the truth behind the world we live in better, you MUST watch this video.

San Bernardino Mass Shooting FALSE FLAG Warning!!

You know, they make it hard NOT to be a Conspiracy Theorist when they keep following the same MO. But hell, if it works, why mess with it? LISTEN to a local SB news interview, with the first person on the scene to call 911 when the shooters entered the building,  and she describes them as “three tall, athletic, WHITE MEN in black combat fatigues with big assault rifles”!!! And the best part is after she’s done, the local news guy chimes in with “but of course we NOW know that the assailants were a man and a woman”  This combined with the Terror Swat Team DRILL going on in San Bernardino the same morning (I kid you not) this is looking to be another false flag.. But who you gonna believe, them or your lying ears?

This other SITE has a transcript and more good info as well as the video link.

FEATURE:  Eric Harrington – The Physical Impossibility of the WTC Towers Collapse speed.

For the anniversary of 9/11, Conspireality Editor and Physicist Eric Harrington presents an Einstein-esc thought experiment that mathematically proves the WTC towers could not possibly collapse in anywhere near the 11 seconds as stated in the NIST report, without the use of explosives. This is PURE SCIENCE friends. No Speculation..

Why Athiest Libertarians Are Part of America’s 1 Percent Problem..

This is an absolutely exceptional article by CJ Werleman about the fallacy of Libertarianism.

Eric Harrington – The Fear Based Economy – Just when you thought it was safe to go to the supermarket!

LEAF – (VIDEO) The amazing anti-inflammatory properties of raw cannabis!!!

Paul Krugman – Lessons From A Comeback

Paul Krugman discusses how finally now that the California legislature has a democratic super-majority, the Republican obstructionists can no longer do what they do best..Obstruct. And so we can see what COULD happen if the Republicans were invalidated in Washington as well. One can only dream…

Free Market Mythologies and the Future of Public Ownership

I have been railing for years about the free market myth and the fact that public ownership and regulation are not only beneficial, but in fact necessary to a healthy stable market. A great piece here on TruthOut..

Harry Reid to House Republicans:

We do not negotiate with Terrorists

Angry Cowboy – RIP

It’s a sad, sad day in Conspireality with the news that our dear friend,  contributor, and resident social critic Angry Cowboy passed away yesterday.  In his real life he was a high-school teacher, and a nationally known cowboy singer / songwriter, and his lyrical sense and outrageous humor have blessed this website for many years now.   I am sure he is giving God an earful as we speak.

He will be dearly missed.


Eric, and all of us here  in Conspireality..

 Greg Palast – BP COVERED UP BLOW-OUT PRIOR TO DEEPWATER HORIZON – Known Danger Led To Death Of 11 On Doomed Rig

Barry Chamish – Netanyahu and Olmert’s Deep Secrets


Naomi Klein – Addicted to Risk

Naomi Klein is just plain brilliant. She cuts murky human reality to the quick, unearthing the fundamental properties of our madness.  In this exceptional video she discusses what may be the root of humankind’s  current troubles and societies all too possible collapse.  A MUST SEE!!!

Angry Cowboy – Rodeo

This hasn’t much to do with Conspireality, but AC never ceases to entertain..

European Law to ban sale of all herbal medicines in April 2011!!

This is not a joke. It is real..

US Senate wants the entire USA to be a ”battleground”

Senate Bill S.1867 (Which passed 93-7) has the potential to end the Constitution as we know it.  I cannot believe it can withstand Constitutional challenges, but it is a bold bit of fascism that has to be widely discussed.

Raving Liberal – The CORE issue with Marijuana

The real issue is not whether it should be legal but the FACT that it should NOT be a schedule 1 narcotic..

OCCUPY WALL STREET – A real grassroots populist revolution..

FINALLY!  The 99% are FED up and they are not going to take it any more.  This is not a media creation like the Tea Party. This is a real grassroots populist movement.   OCCUPY Wall Street’s website needs Donations!!

VIDEO: A Highly Credible UFO account – UFO’s hover over ICBM bases..

We don’t cover a  lot of UFO related stories as there are a wealth of sites who focus on them, but this is an extremely credible case, with literally hundreds of witnesses on numerous occasions.  The UFO topics credibility appears to have reached a point where people who had for years hesitated to recount such stories for fear of being considered nuts are now coming forward..

Chris Hedges for Truthout – The Best Among Us

The mass media all but ignored Occupy Wall Street protest is the most important political movement of our time and something WE MUST support and promote. DO your part. Send them money. Go yourself. Make a difference..  It is the beginning of an “American” spring!

Jimmy Carter – Call Off the Global Drug War – NY Times Op Ed


Dr. Mark Sircus – Several volcanic eruptions just this year 

That’s several major eruptions just this year! Great photos..

Michael Moore: I was the most hated man in America

I had no idea.. The level of threat Michael Moore experienced after his Oscar anti war comments is frightening.  He deserves a medal..

Cannabis CURES CANCER! (sent to us from Dr. Sircus)

This video documents one patients success in curing skin cancer with hash Oil , as well as much historical background. A MUST SEE!

Eric Harrington – The Corporate Protection Racket (or why the government is powerless to refuse bailouts and subsidies.)

Angry Cowboy – The Wedding

A great new rant from the Angry Cowboy!

Film Pre-review: American, The Bill Hicks Story

Absolutely my favorite comic EVER.

A Scientific Theory of the WTC 7 Collapse

From the mainstream periodical Foreign Policy Journal

Wadah Khanfar (Editor of Al Jazeera): A historic moment in the

Arab world

A very inspiring discussion of the recent revolution in the middle east by the editor of Al Jazeera.  This is truly an incredible time and the people of America could really learn a thing or two from the middle east and Iceland for that matter in how to achieve change, namely, going out onto the streets and making yourselves heard en’masse.  Unfortunately, I think if we actually followed their example we might get a real surprise in that our government might react more brutally than even these “vicious” dictators do.  Just ask Ray McGovern about that..  But we do have to leave our couches to achieve real change.  Let’s hope the new fervor of Democracy in the middle east can spill over into our own totalitarian corporatocracy here in America.

Pakistani and Indian Newspapers Say US CIA Contractor Raymond Davis is a Terrorist

Another example of US false flag efforts TODAY.  A US CIA asset is interfacing with various “Terrorist” networks in Pakistan and is arrested after murdering two Pakistani intelligence operatives. Now the US is desperately trying to get him out of the Pakistani jail by pressuring them to doctor documents to suggest he was a member of the consulate and subject to diplomatic immunity.

It is amazing that NO US mainstream media has even a single mention of this.  For those skeptical of mainstream medias complicity in US foreign intrigue (typically by the consistent exclusion or misrepresentation of such stories) , here is a prime example..

Video – Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

Made a few years back, this is an excellent video tying Peak Oil with 9/11.  I personally became aware of the Peak Oil “Theory” over a decade ago and have heard all the propaganda insisting that it is nothing but a theory. Yet all the legitimate statistics regarding oil production levels insist that production has peaked over the last decade, while demand continues to outpace it.  The Oil Peak IS here, and the prices ARE going up slowly, inexorably,  and it will only get worse from here.  The consequence of this unavoidable future is the “War on Terror” — the fictional threat that justifies America’s continued militarism and oil hegemony–  and much like the “Communist” threat of the 50’s it is a chimera, a phantom to promote fear and justify our imperialist policy…

The sad truth is, the 3-4 trillion spent on the Great Financial Shakedown ala “TARP”  etc..  and the endless war on Iraq and Afghanistan, would have been enough to convert over half our electrical infrastructure to solar and wind power, the only REAL solution to Peak oil.  Buy solar now while you can, because solar panels are very energy intensive to manufacture, and the prices will skyrocket along with everything else, as the oil demand outpaces supply in the coming years.  We, the people are going to have to make the transition ourselves, for the government is wholly owned and operated by the Oil, Banking, Insurance,  Pharma Mafia, commonly called the Globalists, or New World Order disciples, and they will never respond in time if at all.  Why should they,  they are getting mega- rich, selling the same amount of oil for more and more money, sucking what little money the people actually save in endless financial scams, and then pumping us full of pharmaceuticals and bad food to keep us sick and indentured to the western healthcare yoke.  It’s time to wake up people..   Thanks Robert..

VIDEO – Jim Corbett: The Last Word on Terrorism

 A terrific and succinct overview by Jim Corbett of the truth about “Global Terrorism” and the reality that Terrorism is really just a label used by the Globalists for anything opposing the globalist agenda. A MUST SEE!

 Eric Harrington – Socialism is Good, Sometimes…

Certain industries benefit from competition, others do not. And the ones that do not might as well be socialized. 

 Greg Palast – Reagan: Killer, Coward, Con-man

In this scathing piece, Greg Palast brings his special brand of venom for one of the great Con Men of our times, Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, by far the most damage done by Reagan has nothing to do with anything Greg mentions in this post, for it was “the great communicator” that created the economic conditions that led ultimately, inevitably, to our recent crash.  But that’s another Gipper story.  Well it only took 30 years, but at least the truth is coming out about the disaster that was the Reagan Presidency.  I have to agree with Greg, fuck Reagan and the studio horse he rode in on.. 

Revisitng the Reagan Nightmare – by Terrence Heath  (on Truth-out)

An excellent and well documented piece (with graphs even) proving that it was Reagan’s policies that may have been the most instrumental in the recent economic crash.  That’s not to let GWB off the hook. He played it for all it was worth to cover his trillion dollar debacle in Iraq, but Reagan set the table for the greed orgy that created the crash. 

A Special Comment on Kieth Olberman: Why He is Different From the Pundits at Fox News – Mitchell Bard for Huff Post

I have made no effort to hide the fact that I love Kieth Olbermann’s passion for truth and I personally feel he was instrumental in proving that Progressives could honestly voice their anger at the state of the country, and survive on Television. In fact, to the contrary, he flourished and literally put MSNBC on the map. So his ouster is particularly outrageous and ungrateful of the network who prior to Kieth were consistently crushed in the ratings by the Food Network. I also think that 99% of even his most controversial “Special Comments” were spot on, and in reality just saying with incredible eloquence what every reasonable, intelligent  person was thinking.  You can also see most of Kieth’s priceless Special Comments all in  one collection HERE.

Nila Sagadevan: 9/11 — Mission Accomplished?

A great piece on 9/11 and it’s implications..

Thousands of Egyptian Muslims Show Up as “Human Shields” to Defend Coptic Christians From Terrorism  

Iraqi Terrorists Exposed as British Government Agent Provocateurs

British Soldiers caught in Iraqi clothes firing on civilians and driving a car full of explosives. In case you still have doubts as to who are the real  terrorists..   reprinted From 2005 

Pat Robertson Calls For Marijuana  Legalization!

V for Zionism

Barry Chamish – The Legal Raping of President Katsav

Conspireality Book Review – Me & Lee, by Judyth Vary Baker 

 We review this absolutely fascinating book about Ms. Bakers alleged relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald, as they both participate in a frightening covert project to create a super lethal cancer virus to be used to assassinate Fidel Castro.  Sounds outrageous, I know, but it is extremely persuasive story given there is so much peripheral corroboration…


The book also aligns cleanly with the similar story about this cancer project first described (to my knowledge) in the book Dr. Mary’s Monkey, the review of which can be found  in the “Conspireality” section below. This is a MUST read, and get it now because I suspect it may not be available for long if it begins to get traction..

VIDEO Fake Terror and the War For Your Mind (from SOTT)

Book Review – Warpaint of the Gods, by Nila Sagadevan

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory episode “Police State” is pulled by network!!!  See the banned episode HERE!!

 Eric Harrington – What Would Gandhi Do?

Time to start a quiet revolution..

Robert Creamer for Huff-Post: Economic History Shows Clearly That Tax Cuts for Rich Hurt the Economy 

This is an excellent analysis of why tax cuts for the very wealthy do absolutely nothing to create jobs and boost the economy, and in fact restrict it.  This is a very clear explanation of the mechanics of this phenomena, that if widely read might put the great Republican LIE to rest forever. MUST READ!

Eric Harrington – The power of The Connection

Why on Earth Would Americans Vote the Old Bush-Cheney Agenda Back into Power? Europeans Are Perplexed

Zacharia Sitchen, father of Ancient Astronaut and Planet X Theories passes away October 9th


“Free Trade Doesn’t work, and why” – A Truthout book review by Tom Hartman

 America has been conned for two decades, made to believe that free-trade is good, or rather inevitable, but it is patently false.  Reversing this devastating policy through protectionism, (the thing EVERY healthy economy in the world practices,) is absolutely necessary to creating jobs and prosperity..


Firms Knew of Cement Flaws Before Spill, Panel Says (NY Times)


 George Soros – Why I Support Legal  Marijuana


 Key ingredient staves off marijuana memory loss


 Marijuana Ingredients Show Promise In Battling Super-bugs 


EU legislation puts herbal medicine under threat 


RANT:  Angry Cowboy – Chickenshit Republicans…(a reply to an email)

How an Oil Company Helped Destroy Democracy in Iran

With all the Saber rattling going on about Iran, it is extremely important for the American People to understand the ruthless history the US and BP have in Iran. If you are not aware of Operation Ajax which took out the first democratically elected leader in the Middle East to protect British Oil rights,  this is a must read although just a starter..

Conspireality 9/11 Memorial 

Conspireality was created on 9/11/ 2008 and so I think it’s fitting that we post a memorial to those brave souls who died that day trying to save others, and whose deaths are still unavenged.  Here you will hear the voices of fireman just minutes before their deaths, and note the description of only “small fires” and the suggestion they could be knocked down with only one hose. Are these are the fires that collapsed a building the size of a city block and 1000 ft high?    Have some tissue handy, and  make a point to tell everyone you know that a new, unbiased investigation into who was behind 9/11 is an obligation we owe to the dead.  – RL

Can psychedelic drugs treat depression?

I have said for decades that Psilocybin (i.e. magic mushrooms) was a “organic psychologist” and now the medical world is catching on. It seems to take around 20 years for the medical community to change their mind on anything that isn’t big Pharma.    – RL


Treasury Makes Shocking Admission: Program for Struggling Homeowners Just a Ploy to Enrich Big Banks

Given a ridiculous requirements of the program that make a permanent workout almost impossible, this is completely believable.  So it wasn’t about saving homes, but saving banks..


Report: Oceans’ demise near irreversible – Moving toward the tipping point

OK, I’m going to come out and say it. TERRORISM is a JOKE. A SHAM.  A CON.  The real threat to the safety and well-being of EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD ON THE PLANET is the death of the oceans. If you think that all you will suffer is loosing that occasional fish dinner, think again..  Time is running out and the gulf catastrophe may just be the final straw.. 


Biggest Defaulters on Mortgages Are the Rich (Contrary to popular belief)

The thing that bothers me most about this article is the comments by the lenders suggesting that the rich borrowers are “Ruthless” in their “strategic defaults.”   WHO CRASHED THE MARKET IN THE FIRST PLACE?  IT WAS  THE BANKS WHO EASED THE CREDIT UNDERWRITING STANDARDS TO LINE THEIR POCKETS that nearly destroyed our economy.  SO WHO IS RUTHLESS? Who is Immoral?  Who is reckless? Just like a business they are simply doing whatever best serves their financial interest within the constraints of the law.  Businesses default ALL THE TIME. Companies file for Bankruptcy all the time. But it’s the little guys who are “abusing” the system.  What a crock..  And as this article demonstrates, it is not the working class that are biggest defaulters, it’s the rich (and presumably Republicans.) 

The Secret Life of Plants

In one of the most important documentaries of the 20th century, scientists document plants demonstrating intelligence, memory, even fear, suggesting that all life on this planet is interconnected in ways we (at least those in the “modern” worldview) still cannot understand. With the tragedy in the gulf this film has never been more relevant. This is a 10 minute edited version of the feature length film. 


Greg Palast – Shoot BP: The Amazon to Arctic Investigation

Greg Palast may be the last real investigative reporter left. Certainly the last independent one.  And he needs our help to continue his work.  Times are hard, but few things are more important to turning things around than getting the truth out, and Greg is a real hero for his years of great work.  But he has so much more to do.  Please support him as best you can at the link given in this piece.  His needs are quite modest.   Thanks!  – Eric 


9/11 Truth Feature: David Ray Griffin – An Open Letter to Terry Allen, Noam Chomsky, Alexander Cockburn, David Corn, Chris Hayes, George Monbiot, Matthew Rothschild, and Matt Taibbi

It never ceases to amaze me how really (and I mean REALLY)  intelligent people like Chomsky and Bill Maher can completely ignore the huge amount of evidence, and the countless real experts like the hundreds on A&E for 9/11 Truth, that suggest unequivocally that it was an inside job.  I believe it is because while highly intelligent, they come from a basic world view of skepticism, which says that I am so smart that anything that doesn’t fit my view of reality is Bullshit regardless of the pesky FACTS..  Skeptics are as  dangerous as the wacko fringe conspiracy nuts, because they simply reek of thoroughly unfounded confidence and contempt, making those who listen to them feel if they don’t agree with them then they are just idiots..  It is that very intelligence and even more so,  their belief in that intelligence that ultimately makes them the fool.   


You don’t have to be brilliant to have it be painfully clear that 9/11 was an inside job, only objective enough to not think you already have it all figured out.   And if you do have the scientific background to understand the physics problems with the official story it become s almost  laughably obvious. I have said this before in numerous published articles and I will say it again, I challenge ANY scientist to publicly debate me on this topic. ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, just as long as it is fairly moderated and recorded. –  E  

Lorenzo A. Canizares for Buzzflash – State-Owned Banks: Putting Money Back in the Hands of the People

Joel Stein – How Jewish is Hollywood?

In one sense, I can’t agree with Joel more.  We could do worse than having American Jews controlling Hollywood. They are as a ethnicity, the most educated, sophisticated and progressive bunch around. The problem is, the brainwashing that has been perpetrated on them AND everyone else that says to criticize Israel or anything Jewish is to be anti-Semitic. And this mindset is so pervasive, (and understandably by far the strongest among Jews, ) that it effectively puts Israeli interests above ours in anything that relates to the media. And that is a VERY BAD situation, because Israel (NOT the same things as JEWS) has proven itself to be a ruthless, genocidal gangster nation, (and let’s face it, America is not much better) who probably participated in the 9/11 attacks in some capacity. They are not our ALLY, and this is a fact that will never be brought to mass awareness with Jews controlling the media.  So it is good that a prominent Jew like Joel comes out and finally dispels for good the notion that Jews aren’t in control of Hollywood.  But his suggestion that in fact, it is a good thing, is unfortunately VERY NAIVE or self-deluded. Wake up Joel..  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


VIDEO – George Gallaway’s reponse to a caller RE: Bombing Iran..

 It is amazing to see how seemingly intelligent, articulate people like this caller can cling to flawed ideas and erroneous information to the end..  I LOVE George Gallaway!     

Leaked attendee list Bilderberg Conference, June 3-6, 2010 in Hotel Dolce, Barcelona, Spain

 The Black Art of ‘Master Illusions’

 More on US false flag operations..        


BP And Halliburton Build Legal Teams, Attempt To Buy Off Government Officials

The pathetic thing about this is all it takes is donations in the few thousands of dollars to buy off these disgusting Republican senators.. Our congress is the cheaper than a personal trainer..       


Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video 

If they forged even one, shouldn’t that throw the entire 9/11 lie into question?     

European Law to ban sale of all herbal medicines in April 2011!!

This is absolutely insane! This has got to be challenged in court.  What about tobacco?      

Alan Cummings – Why I moved my Money (from Huffington Post)

I don’t think people understand how important this movement is.. We always expect the GOVERNMENT to somehow force these ruthless companies to do the right thing but it is really an oxymoron these days.  The ONLY way to really get the corporatocratists to listen is hit them where it hurts, their annual report.. 


 Move YOUR money NOW!

This movement is the only way we can send a message to the banks we are fed up..   

Ex Bush Official Willing to Testify Bush, Cheney Knew Gitmo Prisoners Innocent

BOMBSHELL – Whistle Blower Comes Forward With Solid Proof The Price Of Gold And Silver Is Being Manipulated By Major Financial Institutions

 Schwarzenegger FIRES critics of Calif. sell-off

This is one of the most short-sighted ideas I have ever heard. Sell off state-owned buildings for short-term cash, so that they can RENT THEM BACK.  This is all about trying to pass the buck on the California budget crisis to someone down the line.  And it is classic free-market foolishness. This is important Californians, we must let them know we are not interested in short-term fixes ANY MORE.. Call Schwarzenegger’s office and complain!!! 916-445-2841. TAX MARIJUANA!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       


Nicholas Kozloff – Will the Coca Leaf (From Which Cocaine is Made) Return to Coca Cola? In Bolivia It Will as Evo Morales Tells Coke to Take a Hike (from Buzzflash)


VIDEO – “Let me know when you see fire” (recordings from firefighters inside the WTC Towers)

A very emotional piece with recordings of conversations by the Firefighters in the WTC looking for fires to put out with little success because there weren’t any big fires..  Certainly nothing that could weaken steel. Keep a tissue handy for this one.. These firefighters deserve a REAL investigation. – RL  


Raving Liberal – I’m Coming Out (of the Closet…) 

I am a Medical Marijuana Patient


Sting – Let’s End the War on Drugs

One of our great poets speaks out on this important subject on the Huffington Post…   


Paul Craig Roberts – Goodbye…

Paul Gives a scathing account of why he is quitting journalism.. We’ll miss you Paul.. 

The next victim of Marijuana prohibition: Our National Forests

Supreme Court Fraud – the decision that could destroy what’s left of America

More on the disastrous Supreme Court fraud and what you can do about it..          




VIDEO – Paul Stamets – 6 ways that Fungi (i.e. Mushroom Mycelium) can save the planet 

An absolutely fantastic lecture by Paul Stamets on how Fungi, specifically mushroom mycelium can literally change the world.. MUST SEE!!


Robert C. Koehler – The Experiment of “Civilization” Has Reached Its Apex. We Must Now Start Learning From What We Have Left Behind. ( Buzzflash commentary) 


FILM – “The ugly secret of Pentagon 9/11″,  a preview of Severe Visibility – a film by Paul Cross

AIG-Gate: The World’s Greatest Insurance Heist

VIDEO – False Flag 101 – The U.S. has a history of attacking themselves to go to war.. 

Eric Harrington – 1st amendment 2010, or “he who has the most money, has the loudest voice..”

The supreme court reversed its ruling regarding Corporations financing political “issues” ads.  Speech is no longer free, it’s costs big time, and no one has more money than big business.         

Global Cooling? Tell it to the Jellyfish     

The Yemen Hidden Agenda: Behind the Al-Qaeda Scenarios, A Strategic Oil Transit Chokepoint

Infographic of the Day: How Bad Is the U.S. Health Care System?

And don’t forget, our Doctors and Nurses are the best in the world. So what is the problem?  In a word (ok 2 words)  – Insurance Companies. 


Eric Harrington – Health care Reform is impossible without HEALTH Reform

We will never be able to significantly reduce healthcare costs without teaching Americans how to be healthy..          

Eric Harrington – Who Profits from For-Profit Healthcare?

One one group wins and that’s the insurance companies..

Billions in Recent Yemeni Investments and The Underwear Bomber’s Daddy. It’s a Small World Ain’t It?

More on the connection of the Underwear bomber and Yemen.   Another weird twisted “Terror” situation that stinks of a false flag..

How Goldman Sachs Made Tens Of Billions Of Dollars From The Economic Collapse Of America In Four Easy Steps

Read this and be VERY ANGRY

Ariana Huffington and Rob Johnson – Move Your Money: A New Year’s Resolution   – A MUST READ!!!!!

An absolutely fantastic idea to create GRASS ROOTS Banking reform. Just MOVE YOUR MONEY!! We here at Conspireality have suggested that the Bank CEO’s should be prosecuted but that clearly isn’t going to happen, so let’s hit em’ where it really hurts, in their bottom line..  As we have said time and time again, where you put your money is your only power today..   Kudos to Ariana and Rob for this terrific idea, now LET’S TAKE IT VIRAL. Tell everyone you know…- Eric

Chris Floyd – Instant Karma: New US War Target Gets Its Own Terror Icon

So now all too conveniently, the “Christmas Terrorist” allegedly got his “Bomb” ( more likely a ground up sparkler left over from the 4th of July) from YEMEN.. How convenient! A great rant!!


Decoded flight recorder data obtained under a FOI request indicates the flight deck (cockpit) door of American Airlines flight 77 was NEVER OPENED during the flight!

VIDEONatural Capitalism and Transformational Design

Raving Liberal – The Catch 22 of Medical Marijuana

No one benefits from prosecuting Medical Marijuana dispensaries except the Mexican Cartels.  Time for the majority of LA voters who passed the Medical Marijuana bill,  –specifically to get Medical Marijuana patients out of the black market– to replace Mr. Cooley for persecuting people simply trying to provide Medical Marijuana patients reasonable access to their medicine..

BUZZFLASH – Turn Off FOX Campaign!

A great idea from our friends at Buzzflash!  Stop FOX NEWS from spreading lies and misinformation. Join the campaign to turn off Fox News in any public place. Read more and buy the bumper stickers found by clicking the logo in column to the right..   Buying the bumper stickers helps support, our favorite independent news site! (besides Conspireality TV that is..)

Neal Gabler – Politics as religion in America

A terrific piece on the politics of the believer...

Elliot Spitzer – Break the Banks

Elliot must be reading Conspireality!

Eric Harrington – Too Big To Fail (the new monopoly..)

If a company can be broke up for being too big to allow  for fair competition, why not when they are too big to fail?


Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?   

Sibel Edmonds was a FBI Turkish translator wrongly fired for pointing out gross conflicts of interest with another Turkish translator. She was immediately gagged with the threat of imprisonment if she spoke about anything she learned there. But recently she testified under oath in a civil case and she is finally willing (and hopefully safe) to speak out on the remarkable corruption in US foreign affairs. From military secrets to drug running, this interview is AMAZING!!!!!!! It is not surprising they tried to silence her.  A MUST READ!!!!!

Italy Ex-President – CIA And Mossad Ran 9-11

For those silly skeptics who suggest no credible people have suggested a broad conspiracy in the  9/11 attacks..


FEATURE – 9/11 Skepticism Answered..

(Skeptics enter at your own risk)

READERS POLL –  Was 9/11 an inside job?

Neils Harrit Interview – NanoThermite and 9/11 

Scientist Neils Harrit discusses his recent paper on the discovery of Military grade Nano Thermite in dust samples from the World Trade Center, shortly after 9/11. The paper is currently in peer review, and was done by a team of scientists.  This interview was done by, a German internet news site.. A must read…


FEATURE – 9/11 Truth Page

A great place to start if you want to understand the case against the official story..


Fight the lies and propaganda of Fox News by joining the boycott of ALL of their advertisers!

Argentina Decriminalizes Possession of Marijuana!

Even Argentina GETS IT! They found arresting people for using Marijuana if it did not endanger others as UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

VIDEO – Why We NEED Universal Socialized Health Insurance… (an infotoon

A great little cartoon which explains the advantages of socialized health insurance in simple terms…

VIDEO – Rep Alan Grayson grills Bernanke about Half Trillion in loans to foreign banks

Representative Alan Grayson grills Fed Chairman Bernanke on the unprecedented “credit swaps” i.e.  loans to foreign central banks to the tune of half a trillion dollars. He asks most pointedly if loaning that money won’t drive up interest rates in the US where credit has been in short supply. He catches Bernanke in several misstatements.

While not as obvious as the Fed Inspector saying she doesn’t know where 9 trillion went, this is significant because it demonstrates the FED placing banking industry  well-being over the well-being of the US as a whole.

Marijuana use could stimulate creation of NEW Hippo-campal (short-term memory) cells

For Those who don’t know what the hippo-campus is, it is a walnut-sized part of the brain that handles short-term memory, in effect it is the file manager of the brain. It’s small size compared to the importance of it’s function, makes it take disproportionate hit from various brain cell killers like alcohol. Hence short-term memory tends to be the first thing to go mentally..    So from what this article suggests, ingesting proper levels (relatively high from the sounds of it) of Marijuana may actually stimulate creation of NEW hippo-campus cells..  Where’s my bong?  DAMN! I can’t remember…

VIDEO – Fed Inspector General claims to have no knowledge of where 9 trillion was loaned!!!! 

That’s right, the Federal Reserve Inspector General says she does not know where TRILLIONS of dollars went…


“Too much and too long, we seem to have surrendered community excellence and community values in the mere accumulation of material things. Our gross national product… if we should judge America by that — counts air pollution and cigarette advertising, and ambulances to clear our highways of carnage. It counts special locks for our doors and the jails for those who break them. It counts the destruction of our redwoods and the loss of our natural wonder in chaotic sprawl. It counts napalm and the cost of a nuclear warhead, and armored cars for police who fight riots in our streets. It counts Whitman’s rifle and Speck’s knife, and the television programs which glorify violence in order to sell toys to our children.Yet the gross national product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages; the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials. It measures neither our wit nor our courage; neither our wisdom nor our learning; neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country; it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile. And it tells us everything about America except why we are proud that we are Americans.”– Robert Kennedy


Angry Cowboy – Healthcare Reform 

Eric Harrington – The Fear Based Economy (or why Big Brother is looking in your shopping cart)

 Did you know that part of the money you save with your local Supermarket Buyers Club Card is probably subsidized by the Department of Homeland Security?         


Raving Liberal – The REAL reason Obama can’t close Guantanamo Bay…


Raving Liberal – If you can’t TAKE your country back, BUY it back  


Eric Harrington Running is addictive, so we must make it illegal too… 


Paul Craig Roberts – Who Rules America?

Another great piece by Paul Craig Roberts..

Raving Liberal – Why is Glen Beck calling Obama A Racist cause for such outrage, when FOX NEWS’ bold facing lying and misinformation is not?


Sara Robinson – Mythbusting Canadian Health Care — Part I

An absolutely terrific analysis of the differences between the Canadian Health System and the US by someone who uses both…A MUST READ!!  Pass it around!!

Robert Kuttner – Wall Street on Speed

 A terrific piece on how Wall Street is still out of control and a threat to the well-being of America and the world as a whole.

Unforgettable Commencement Address by Paul Hawken to the Class of 2009, University of Portland

Larry Flint: Common Sense

Here is a REAL Patriot, yes you heard me,  our bold pornographer patriot who repeatedly went to jail for his beliefs in REAL AMERICAN freedom, the kind the founding fathers intended.  He has never been afraid to speak to power and to confront hypocrisy,  and here he is with a very rational and possibly effective suggestion on how to take our country back.. But does America have the spine?   I don’t think so…

Yukio Hatoyama – A New Path For Japan 

Garrison Keillor – Where’s the anger over cruelty?


Paul Krugman – Reagan Did It..

An excellent, short, NYT piece about the earliest origins of our current economic crisis… Yes.. it was Reagan…

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship – Some Choice Words for the Select Few

A great piece about how the influence of big money controls Washington.. It’s all about access…

Paul Craig Roberts – Long-Term Economic Memory Loss

Jolene Rae Harrington – “Roswell Was An Intelligence Operation” 

Buzzflash Interview – Naomi Klein on The Shock Doctrine

A great interview by Mark Karlin of BuzzFlash.  I am a new and devout fan of Ms. Klein!!  Mark, I am VERY Jealous!!! – Eric

FEATURE:  Eric Harrington – Profit of Change…

When you really look at it, some industries are already Socialistic by nature,  so why not Nationalize them?

FEATURE – Eric Harrington – The unseen victims of US drug policy 

The failed drug war not only fills OUR jails with victim-less criminals, costs us billions, but the greatest damage done by drug prohibition is the creation of a rich, powerful, ruthless black market economy that has fueled a war south of the border killing thousands in the crossfire.

Michael Pollen – Omnivores Dilemma

In this absolutely terrific interview, Amy Goodman asks food expert Michael Pollen about food production, modification, and all the factors that will prove critical to sustainable and healthy diet and food production in the future. A MUST READ!!!

Dr. Mark Sircus – Viral Poppycock

With 34,000 Flu related deaths in the U.S. EVERY year, what is the purpose behind the hysteria regarding the swine flu, a flu that clearly is not fatal to healthy people.. Dr. Sircus discusses the possibility that fear is big business….

Eric Harrington – The Big Lie, Part 3 – Wealth Redistribution 

Republicans suggest that Liberal Democrats want to redistribute the wealth from the hard-working “Joe’s” out there, to the “Lazy Poor.”  But the truth is very different. Wealth IS being redistributed all right, but it’s moving up the chain, not down…

The Quiet Coup – Simon Johnson (The Atlantic)

The Quiet Coup: “The crash has laid bare many unpleasant truths about the United States. One of the most alarming, says a former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, is that the finance industry has effectively captured our government—a state of affairs that more typically describes emerging markets, and is at the center of many emerging-market crises.”

Eric Harrington – The Bush Administration PREVENTED States from controlling the bubble!

Ex New York Governor Elliot Spitzer is now famous for his liaison with a high-priced prostitute just months before the collapse, but as we shall see, he was conspicuous not only in his rapid fall, but also for his dire warning about the coming crisis, which was completely stifled by the mainstream media.

Eric Harrington – The Private Sector Caused the Crash!

A clear, concise analysis of the housing bubble and subsequent crash..

Eric Harrington – Bailouts? We don’t need no stinkin’ bank bailouts…

There is a much simpler, and more effective way to restore credit operations in this country than simply handing money to the banks to do with as they please…     

Total Coverage: The CIA, Contras, and Drugs

A Mother Jones Article from 1998 about the CIA/Contra Cocaine scandal. This story is still timely today as the immoral Drug War it created is still ravaging our inner cities and South and Central American countries.

The Next Disaster (from Forbes magazine) 

Narco violence is exploding – just as oil prices are plunging and Mexico is bracing for a deep US recession

Raving Liberal – Unions are the root of all evil (and other conservative pipe dreams) 

The Day Netanyahu Used Murder To Become The Israeli Prime Minister – by Barry Chamish

Inside information that confirms my on-going suggestion that factions in the Israeli Government is just as ruthless and corrupt as the Neo-Cons in the US.  And they are clearly in collusion on many levels..  So much for the great democracy in the middle east…

 Book Review – Alex & Me

A wonderful and landmark book about the remarkable life of Alex, the Parrot that changed the world…  A tremendous story that should give every decent human being a serious pause when it comes to our treatment of all animals..


Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession (Rueters)

Decriminalization is a start, but Legalization is the ANSWER.. Decriminalization does not eliminate the black market..

Peru, the Battle for the Amazon

The War against the Peruvian Indians escalates.

 Indonesian Secular party wins elections!

An example of the fact that even in a heavily Muslim country, prosperity promotes secular rule..  This is a great article…

 Hugo Chavez, Savior of America’s Bald Eagle? – Buzzflash Guest Contributor Nicholas Kozloff

Editors Note: As I have said many times, Hugo Chavez has every right to treat the US with contempt. Nowhere in the world has the US exhibited such unbridled imperialism as South America. Just read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” reviewed on Conspireality. But Obama’s efforts to create a dialog with Mr. Chavez are absolutely the right tack and will bear fruit. We can partner with South America or allow the Chinese to do it, and when they do they will no longer need to prop us up with loans. But we will no longer enslave our neighbors to the south with bad infrastructure con jobs as in the past.. Not with Hugo around.. He may be a simple, uneducated man, prone to theatrics, but he’s nobody’s fool..

Senior S&L Regulator Says Government Engaging in Massive Cover-Up of Economic Crisis: “The Entire Strategy Is to Keep People from Getting the Facts”

 Here are the facts from the guru on mega fraud. It’s about the clearest picture you’re likely to get until the veil lifts. Scary as hell. William K. Black, author of The Best Way To Rob a Bank is to Own One, taught economics and law at the University of Missouri. He was the Executive Director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention from 2005-2007. He recently helped the World Bank develop anti-corruption initiatives and served as an expert for OFHEO in its enforcement action against Fannie Mae’s former senior management. The following piece relates to Black’s recent interview by PBS’s Bill Moyers

Pentagon hunts WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in bid to gag website (Soldier Bradley Manning said to have leaked diplomatic cables to whistleblower, plus video of US troops killing Iraqis)

Richard Gage, AIA – Conspiracy Theory or Hidden Truth? The 9/11 Enigmas…

On the anniversary of 9/11, a clear and concise article by architect Richard Gage, AIA, outlining the most recent evidence in the search for truth about the WTC Collapse. We should all thank World Architecture News for printing this controversial material and Richard Gage for being the standard-bearer of this important effort.  A MUST Read!!!!!

41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency Veterans Challenge the Official Account of 9/11 

VIDEO  –  CNN’s Gulf War 1 Broadcasts from Saudi Arabia were FAKE!

Well maybe not “Breaking News” exactly, but it’s news to me… This is a TRIP! Very reminiscent of the BBC broadcast on 9/11 discussing the collapse of WTC Building 7  nearly 30 minutes before it happened.. Would your like the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America 

More evidence of serious  complications from poorly tested vaccines. After reading (anything by) Leonard Horowitz and Dr. Mary’s Monkey (reviewed here) I personally will not be vaccinated for anything these days.  The chance for cross contamination in the production is just too high. and they simply can’t always identify contamination. Viruses you aren’t looking for can be very hard to see even for professionals.  And as we have seen, big business always overrules the safety of a few unlucky individuals in their rush to release new drugs and vaccines..  The ridiculous part of this is the Swine Flu isn’t even that dangerous…

Kevin Ryan – Carlyle, Kissinger, SAIC and Halliburton: A 9/11 Convergence

VIDEO – Is Israel’s Mossad SPYING on the U.S.?

More on the Israeli Art Student arrests (from Fox News no less),  and the 9/11 Dancing Israelis. To Israel’s defence, they are not any worse than the US in this, for the US has taken down numerous governments to serve OUR interests,   but the point is Israel is out for ISRAEL and no one else. They are not our “friend” or “ally” unless it serves their purposes, and they are manipulating our government at the highest levels. That is clear.  And such reporting is NOT anti-semitism, for the government of Israel is not synonymous with being “Jewish” as much as they would like us to think so…

Nikolas Kozloff: Who’s Behind Honduras Destabilization?  All Roads Lead to McCain (Buzzflash Guest Commentary)

Eyewitness to an Act of War…A US Air Force Intelligence Officer Speaks with American Free Press About the USS Liberty

An actual eyewitness to the infamous Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty speaks out…  If you don’t know about the Liberty attack you NEED to..

Neils Harrit Interview – NanoThermite and 9/11  


Conspireality – 9/11 Truth Page ( a great place to start)


Conspireality – 9/11 Questions Answered.. (Skeptics enter at your own risk)

Two-thirds of UK terror suspects released without charge

Military Whistleblower Claims She Witnessed Flight 93 Shootdown Order

Stephen Harper (British PM) AND John Howard (Aussie PM) give IDENTICAL speeches in the run-up to the Iraq war..

Proof that the selling of the war was orchestrated on a broader scale than just the Bush administration. The Military Industrial Complex caught in the act. Scroll to the bottom of the Conspireality 9/11 page

Lee Harvey Oswald’s MISTRESS publishes  a new autobiography entitled “Me and Lee”

Eric Harrington – Who Could Possibly RUN the US banks for $550 Billion in 2 hours? 

Ex-Bush Official Exposes 9/11 As Inside Job 

Still Standing: The building that shows that Building 7 was imploded 

Man sought by UK authorities over alleged sending of DVD about UK 7/7 Bombings

Andy Lloyd – Massive Surveillance Database Planned

Book Review: “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” – Edward Haslam

Russia Watched 9/11 in Real Time On Satellite

An Eyewitness to the Crash at the Pentagon Speaks Up


CONSPIRACIES Category Page – all the posts on Conspiracies


Eric Harrington – The Crash is a Huge Opportunity 

Deepak Chopra | Nine Steps to Peace

Eric Harrington – A plan to fix the economy AND keep America Competitive in the new world..  

What do Pulitzer Prize winning author Thomas Friedman and Conspireality’s own Eric Harrington have in Common? They both say that Renewable energy infrastructure and technology is America’s only hope!

Eric Harrington -Platform for Threat Free Taxation.

Yes, Income Taxes may be unconstitutional, but we can’t abolish them over night. So here is a plan for a better, less invasive, and less expensive approach…

FEATURE – Eric Harrington – The unseen victims of US drug policy 

The failed drug war not only fills OUR jails with victimless criminals, costs us billions, but the greatest damage done by drug prohibition is the creation of a rich, powerful, ruthless black market economy that has fueled a war south of the border killing thousands in the crossfire.



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