About the Raving Liberal

“Run little Conservatives Run! The Raving Liberal
is coming to show you the shades of gray in your
Black and White world… RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!!”

The Raving LIberal is coming!!!


5 Responses to “About the Raving Liberal”

  1. http://mikeb302000.blogspot.com/

    Dear RL,

    I’m a big fan of your work and wondered if you’d be willing to link to my site. We mainly discuss gun control, but there’s a spattering of other things too, even some I’ve gotten from you.

    I’d love to do a blogroll exchange with you, but I’d also like to ask if you’d link to me in one of your posts.

    C’mon, help a blogger out, will ya?


  2. Hi Mike,
    We don’t really do a blog roll. We only post core info sites we feel conect with our mission. But I might consider a link in a post if it made sense if you would reciprocate. As for gun control, it is SOOOOOOO far down the list of problems in this country, IMHO, I personally don’t find the need to comment on it. Yes they cause deaths, yes AK47’s shouldn’t be sold to the average person, but it is also the 900 million guns in this country that keep the fascists who wish to turn us into a police state at bay. It’s a real complicated issue. Yes we have more violence than any first world country by a huge margin, but guns are not the real driver. It is a social attitude glorifying violence and promoting selfishness and ruthless independence. But for a good example: In 1860 the majority of aristocracy in england were armed everywhere they went, and everyone in the American west was armed, but WAY more people got killed every year here, because of the cultural differences. The same holds today. The English could be armed to the teeth and they still would not have our levels of weapon based violence. But they WILL kick your ass at a soccer match.. Anyway, not sure how that would work but I am open to the idea. RL

  3. Thanks for that answer, RL. I agree the country has bigger problems, but the controversial nature of the gun debate is what I love. You said it yourself. Yes we have more violence than any first world country by a huge margin, but guns are not the real driver.

    Thanks again.

  4. Write a well written and thought proviking essay on the topic and we will be happy to publish it with links to your blog..
    Regards, E

  5. Hi There Conspireality,
    Thanks for your thoughts, 1984 is the greatest secular book ever published. It facts the neo-liberal (glimpse it up) fallacies. It tends to make me ill when Liberals like Moore and Colbert consider use it against Bush. I can feel of two obvious examples, people else?

    Bush is a raving idiot and an evil mastermind
    Assistance the troops and demoralize the troops.
    I look forward to your next post

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