The Fear Based Economy

So just guess who pays for part of the discounts you receive with your Vons Club card? The Department of Homeland Security. That’s right.. Our protectors in chief are paying Vons to track what all their customers buy, through the club card and provide them that information for their data mining operations.. Rather big-brotherish for my tastes but seemingly innocuous. But it is only the symptom of a deeper darker problem.

A CEO friend of mine told me some years ago that “Green was the new Bubble. Find your fortune there..” And while this may still be true, there is a bigger bubble that is going on right now. Right smack dab in the middle of our global economic crisis. It’s the Security Bubble. Over the last decade, literally Trillions of US dollars have been pumped into the hands the a select few corporations like Haliburton, and now they are beginning to share the wealth –with Vons, your local phone company, and your ISP. And what does this dissemination of paranoi-ola do to these companies? Why it gives them an active stake in the Fear Based Economy.

More and more, broad segments of the economy are being encouraged to promote the idea of a endless war on terror, a war that could break out in your town, on your street, just like it did in New York, because without the public fear that accompanies that threat, all those Multi-HUNDRED BILLION dollar contracts would dry up, and that bubble would pop too. You see, what many economists aren’t telling you is that things are really far worse than is apparent, because our economy is still being propped up by an artificial government funded Homeland Security bubble. And the more private companies receive their Paranoi-ola from the Security Bubble, the more incentive they have to support the idea that we are all at risk, every day, every where. This gross invasions of privacy performed by companies everywhere is necessary to protect us..

It is why the suggestion that all the major mainstream news sources are actively promoting the lie of the on-going, imminent threat of terror is NOT conspiracy theory. The lie that Al Kaida is behind attacks in Iraq, that Saddam had WMD’s, that 19 young Arabs overcame the entire security apparatus of the US and brought down the WTC. This is just the advertising for the Fear Based Economy, and the networks numbers go up with every crisis. CNN was a 2nd rate cable channel until the Iraq war put them on the map. CBS is owned by GE, a huge security contractor. Even your local Vons is sucking the Security tit these days.

So the more we allow the Security bubble to ensnare ordinary companies in the data-mining (PC for Spying) game, the more those companies become invested and benefited by the promotion of fear. And the horrible reality of the Fear Based Economy is that people actually do have to die to support that fear. It is a self perpetuating machine with 3rd world death and oppression as the fuel. So the next time you swipe that Vons Club Card, remember, Big Brother is watching… That’s an awful lot of chlorine bleach you’re buying there. We might want to keep an eye on you…

~ by Eric Harrington on May 30, 2014.

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