9/11 Truth Page

This page is meant to serve as a starting point for those who are curious about what the 9/11 Truth Movement  is really about.


Please be advised, this site was created by a Scientist and is intended to be as factual and rational as possible given the amazing level of suppression that investigators of 9/11 evidence have faced.


First, let me state this categorically, I do not support ALL of the opinions that may be stated in the links presented herein. I do of course stand by anything I personally write on this site.  But these links are a great starting point and contain volumes of important information along with,  as one would expect,  some chaf.  So read with discretion and an open, objective mind..


 1) First off, the World Trade Centers…


While there are a multitude of questions surrounding the mysterious collapse of the WTC, there are really only two issues that are virtually impossible to resolve without some kind of conspiracy beyond the efforts of the 19 “Arabs” and their Supposed Al Kaida handlers. One is the fact, not supposition that the all THREE building fell at effectively free-fall speed.   This means that once the collapse was initiated, the top of the building hit the ground within a second or so of the time it would take a large rock dropped off the roof to land.  This is physically impossible, given accepted Newtonian Mechanics and general physics, and this is discussed extensively in the post “9/11 Questions Answered” in this Blog.  The most curious aspect of this  issue, is the collapse of Building 7, sometimes referred to as the Solomon Brothers Building. Building 7 was not struck by a plane, suffered only minor structural damage from falling debris, had only minor fires (the cause of which has never been adequately explained) but mysteriously collapsed, several hours after the first towers fell, again at Free-fall speed perfectly into it’s own footprint. Unlike the towers, this collapse exactly replicated the process of a conventional bottom up controlled demolition as can be seen here:




 What is particularly interesting is that the center of the building clearly sags first and this is a classic technique used in controlled demolition for the purpose of making the sides collapse inward reducing the footprint of the collapse.


Also, it is highly suspicious that the BBC and other news organizations reported the building as “Collapsed” as long as 45 minutes prior to the actual collapse, and in the first video you hear the reporter discuss the collapse before it happens. How could they know, given the sudden, unpredictable nature of such a collapse, and the FACT that the building was completely empty at the time.


But it is completely IMPOSSIBLE for any building to collapse at freefall speed without explosives used to eliminate the support of the MILLION plus TONS of steel that resisted the fall.


Also highly suspicious are the following photos of WTC columns cut at perfect 45 degree angles, a technique again used commonly in Controlled demolitions to prevent the cut column from simply resting on the bottom section and not actually falling.


Cut Column 45 degrees

Cut Column 45 degrees

 Another suspicious aspect of this photo is the slag accumulation at the bottom front of the column. When a steel beam is “cut” with an acetylene cutting torch, the metal is actually burnt, not really melted, and what little slag is produced is blown by the torch backward and away. Slag does NOT run down the front as seen here.  Also, small sections show clean smooth rusty areas with no slag and appear to have just snapped as opposed to being cut.


 The following sites have excellent information on 9/11 and the WTC:


www.AE911Truth.org  ( a site operated by a professional commercial architect and having a professional membership of over 200 archetects, engineers and other licensed experts, of which this author is one.






2) The Pentagon

As I discuss in the post “9/11 Questions Answered”, I had not really been suspicious of 9/11 for almost 2 years after the event. It seemed impossible that the most powerful country in the world had not only been caught completely unawares, but was completely powerless to stop the attack. And so I suspected the Bush administration probably had some warning and simply didn’t act, so they could have their new Pearl Harbor.


But one day I saw the following photograph and everything changed…






Pentagon Impact Zone

Pentagon Impact Zone









This photo and others floating around the internet were taken from a video shot by a local freelance D.C. news videographer who had and still has an excellent reputation with his clients, the local D.C. TV stations.  It shows the front of the Pentagon just minutes after the attack, and before the roof collapse. His footage contains the only images of the Pentagon prior to the roof collapse that have ever been released. In fact, in my conversation with the said videographer, he told me he was driving down the highway near the pentagon when he heard saw the smoke rising in the distance. He drove to the pentagon, took out his camera, and walked to within a 200 yards of the impact zone and took shot 15 minutes or so of video. There was no security and few people out at the time. He then went back to his car, put away the shot tape, reloaded his camera and went back, only to immediately be stopped by Pentagon security who seized the film in his camera and ordered him to leave. No other photos have surfaced. It is estimated that there could have been dozens of cameras at the pentagon and on nearby buildings that had a shot of this side of the building, but ALL videos were seized by the FBI within  a few hours and have never been released to FOIA requests , under the claim of National Security.


Note that the hole is only roughly 2 window panels wide or an estimated 14-16 feet across and one story high. Note the lack of any damage to the windows above where the 40 foot high 757 tail section would have struck. Were the photo wider, you would also see that there is no damage to either side of the hole where the two 9’ in diameter, 4 ton engines would have struck the building façade at 400+ MPH. 


Again, this is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.  And this was the trigger that set me upon my 9/11 Truth quest. I hope you are able to come to some conclusions yourself as you research this terrible event.


I will not spend more time covering all the problems with the official story of 9/11 that are discussed at length in the links I have included, but suffice to say the most important thing to remember is NO legitimate member of the 9/11 Truth Movement wants anything from this but a legitimate investigation. The case must be reopened and the facts brought to light, or if it WAS an inside job, THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN.. Rest assured.

4 Responses to “9/11 Truth Page”

  1. Thanks!,

  2. We need to get people to TRULY UNDERSTAND the simple physics involved in this business. There is no such thing a FREE FALL SPEED. It is free fall ACCELERATION. But the towers did come down much too fast and all of our engineering schools should have been demanding information on the distribution of steel and concrete in the towers. After this much time we need to know why so many EXPERTS are at least not talking. Richard Gage doesn’t even discuss the distribution of steel.

  3. Thanks for your post. Actually there is free-fall acceleration, AND the velocity it imparts which can reasonably be called free fall speed, or the velocity that the acceleration of gravity imparts in free fall. In the context of the WTC collapse we are actually talking actually about time, not acceleration OR speed.. So accurately I suppose it should be referred to as freefall duration.. But isn’t this really just symantical BS? When I start using terms like velocity and acceleration, I often see non-scientific peoples eyes roll up in their head, so I try to keep it simple.

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