by Barry Chamish

          In part one, I wrote about the close ties of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Mitt Romney, and the amazing acquittal of the previous prime minister Ehud Olmert of deep corruption charges. If you missed the article, just go to my website to catch up.
          In this, part two of the saga, we discover that the last two prime ministers of Israel owe their power to murder: Netanyahu blackmailed the Rabin murderer, Shimon Peres, on the road to takeover, while Olmert finished off Sharon.
          As fantastic as some of you may view these claims, I ask you to consider my evidence for a few moments without your unjustified prejudices: Of Netanyahu, do I have a personal tale to tell:

 I was on court, front and center, for the rigging of the 1996 Israeli elections by Netanyahu. Now follow closely, I rarely have the opportunity to be nostalgic.
         On April 3, 1997, I was supposed to lecture at Hebrew University on Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, organized by my still formidable friend, Brian Bunn. As it turned out, the Labor Party led by Knesset member Eitan Cabel, and the secret service, Shabak, organized a violent rally against me that turned me into front page news. The intent was to humiliate me, the result was to start my new career as a political crimes writer. Not that I’m thanking them. They didn’t mean to and it’s an insecure life. Not that there aren’t rewards, like you reading this.
         The morning after the riot, I received a phone call from Yaacov Mor. He introduced himself as, “The economist for the Minister of Welfare And Social Affairs, Eli Yishai.” Today Yishai is the leader of the Shas Party. Mor continued, “But I previously worked for the Shabak. What I want to know is what you have that made the Shabak try to bury you.”
         So I invited Mor to my home to see my evidence. Back then I had some 80 documents, not the 2500 I ended up with, but they were devastating in proving Yigal Amir did not shoot Rabin. I had the police ballistics results showing that Rabin was shot at point blank, something Amir could not have physically done, and I had the hospital reports declaring that Rabin was shot 3 times, and once from the front, neither of which Amir was responsible for.
         Yaacov was a naturally sympathetic fellow, and without hesitation I handed him my evidence collection, which he read in silence over the next half hour. When he finished, he put his right index finger vertically over his lips and used his left hand to guide me outside. When we reached the street, he said, “I’m not talking in your house. You have to be thoroughly bugged. Do you know those documents are authentic?”
          I said I did.
          “Then why didn’t you get a job in Nepal or have an ‘accident?’ Do you know how high up this murder had to go?”
          I answered that I did know how high up it had to go.
         “I’ll tell my Minister what I saw and I’m sure he’ll contact you.”
         The next morning Eli Yishai’s secretary called me. “Minister Yishai would like to have your documents and in return, will give you the most important story of the Rabin assassination. Do you agree?”
          Indeed I did. In fact, I would have given the documents anyway, that’s how much I still believed in the inherent honesty of the political system. That would change for good in the next two days.
          Bright and chipper, Yaacov picked me up for the cheery ride to building Kirya 3, opposite the Knesset, and home to Eli Yishai’s office. I made a little error, giving my documents to the secretary before I closed the deal. She guided me into a small office, closed the door, and I heard a vigorous conversation in the hall outside. Finally, the Shas Spokesman, Yisrael Sudri, then 24 or so, and today I believe he holds the same job, came in, shut the door behind him and sat down.
          “The Minister could not attend the meeting,” he announced, “But he wants you to know that he backs every claim I will make.”
          A bit of a comedown but I accepted the arrangement, like I really had a choice.
          “It’s about the 1996 elections…Netanyahu didn’t win. Peres won by 3% just like all the polls had it. But the Likud had documents, and we think you’ve collected some of them. We’re sure of it, actually. In February of ’96, the leaders of the Likud met the leaders of Labor for a frank discussion of the elections. The Likud presented the documents, then someone, we think Netanyahu, held a few in his hand and said, ‘If you bring up the name of Yitzhak Rabin even once in your campaign, we’ll release these to the media.” Netanyahu lifted another bundle of documents and said, ‘If Peres wins our tv debate, we’ll release these.” Finally, he takes all the documents and says, “And if Peres wins the elections, we’ll release them all.”
         “Now, I don’t have to remind you that Rabin’s name was not mentioned once in Labor’s campaign and that Peres looked like a scary monster on the tv debate. But how could the election results be faked? We are going to leave you the name and phone number of a Tel Aviv law school PhD candidate. His thesis is on the ’96 elections. He’ll tell you.”
          I arranged to meet the PhD lawyer-to-be at a very empty and remote Tel Aviv restaurant. We sat in the remotest table and he made his voice inaudible at a range of five meters, in fact he almost whispered the whole meeting. It turns out, it didn’t help.
          “This Labor-Likud partnership destroyed over 160,000 votes for Peres, and replaced them with spoiled ballots.”
          Back to the present. That’s almost 5% of the vote spoiled. In the 2001 elections, there was a highly publicized campaign to deliberately spoil votes as a protest, and ‘only’ 61,000 were spoiled.
          “Think back to the election night. Peres is declared the winner by all the polls but refused to address and thank his crowd in Tel Aviv. But at midnight, a smiling Netanyahu addressed a half empty rally in Jerusalem promising them that by morning he will be Prime Minister. Then at 2 AM, the revolution in vote change appears out of nowhere. By the morning, Netanyahu wins. He knew the results were fixed.”
          I added an obvious thought. “So the Likud’s documents proved Peres murdered Rabin?”
          He gazed at the table and answered, “Is there another possibility?”
          The lawyer-to-be added, “I trust you. I have strong proof that the vote destruction was organized by Interior Minister Chaim Ramon. Contact me tomorrow and we’ll meet again to see my thesis.”
          The next day, he called me. “I got a phone call. We can’t meet.” I asked, “Do you mean today?” He replied, “I mean ever.” He banged down for good and I don’t recall his name.
But I told his story to audiences whenever I felt it was appropriate. The usual reaction was, “So why didn’t Netanyahu use the documents to get rid of Peres and Labor for good?” The answer is Labor and Peres have enough information on Netanyahu to have made this a one election deal. That’ll do until and if the whole story is ever told by someone who was there.
          Then, in Bet Shemesh in 2001, I told the story to a crowd of over 80 and one response hit the jackpot. The man added, “I was an election poll supervisor and when the polls closed, we took votes for Peres out of the boxes and burnt them out back. We replaced them with spoiled votes and resealed the boxes. I never understood who allowed this to happen, but I didn’t want Peres elected so I played ball.”
          As for story back-up, my Bet Shemesh organizer was David Morris. Another 80 people heard the truth about this man’s polling station at the lecture. As for Sudri, I chose to expose him after he appeared at Peres’ 80th birthday bash. I was protesting outside when he appeared. I told him, “How could you celebrate Peres? I know what you told me.” He
walked by, then turned around and shouted, “You’re ruining the country.”

          Now we turn to Olmert and the end of Ariel Sharon:         

Dec. 19  Prime Minister Sharon shares drinks with Shimon Peres in the Knesset. Within half an hour, Sharon is driven to hospital unconscious. It took him a day before he could even spell his own name. He was brought into the hospital by his bodyguard, Yoram Rubin. As a good chunk of Israel knows today, it was the Peres-Rubin team that murdered Yitzhak Rabin. When Rubin was shown on television news accompanying Sharon’s stretcher, suspicions spread throughout the country.
             For two days, Sharon remained in hospital where he underwent intensive tests. We may ask, how did they miss the blood clot that struck Sharon barely two weeks later?

         Just to let you know, the very strange circumstances of Sharon’s end were gaining midstream attention. I was planning a new book on this murderous conspiracy, but as Sharon faded, I suffered nearly deadly incidents that drove me from Israel and away from the evidence. Look how AP reported his suspicious demise:

The Associated Press
Friday, January 13, 2006; 8:39 AM

JERUSALEM — Ariel Sharon’s doctors faced new criticism Thursday for failing to divulge a brain disease discovered after the prime minister’s initial stroke and for prescribing blood thinners that may have contributed to a massive second stroke.
The criticism added to a growing chorus of questions about Sharon’s treatment.
After Sharon, 77, suffered an initial, minor stroke Dec. 18, doctors put him on Clexane, an anticoagulant. At a news conference a few days later, doctors acknowledged blood thinners increased the risk of brain hemorrhage, but said the fear of a clot leading to another stroke was greater in this case.
The debate gained momentum after the Haaretz daily revealed that Sharon also suffered from cerebral amyloid angiopathy, known as CAA, a disease common in the elderly that weakens the blood vessels in the brain and increases the risk of hemorrhage.
Doctors confirmed they knew about the disease after the first stroke, but prescribed the blood thinners anyway, a move outside experts criticized Thursday.
“If someone has a disease that caused bleeding, that causes bleeding, that could cause bleeding in the future, giving anticoagulants … is certainly an undesirable situation,” said Amos Korczyn, head of the Tel Aviv University Medical School’s neurology department.
Doctors were prescribing the Clexane until they could seal a small hole in Sharon’s heart they said caused Sharon’s first stroke. Clexane, or enoxaparin, is sold as Lovenox in the United States. But some experts questioned that theory and said the initial stroke was more likely caused by Sharon’s brain condition. Sharon suffered his massive stroke a day before he was to undergo the procedure to seal the hole in his heart. “The likelihood is that the hole in the heart was of no relevance,” said Dr. Anthony Rudd, a stroke specialist at London’s St. Thomas’ Hospital. He said CAA could have caused the first stroke.

       Ariel Sharon was murdered and the murderers took over the country. On Dec. 18 he shared tea with Shimon Peres in the Knesset and was wheeled into the hospital a half hour later by the murderer of Yitzhak Rabin, the bodyguard, Yoram Rubin.
     There, Sharon was poisoned. Though he suffered from CAA, or weak brain blood vessels, he was diagnosed with a mild stroke and sent to his Negev home with blood thinners. On Jan. 3, Ehud Olmert was the last person to see him alive. Sharon granted Olmert three hours the next morning to be prime minister while he was in Hadassah Hospital and then Olmert applied the poison. Barely two hours later, Sharon, the prime minister, was not Medivaced to Jerusalem, a fifteen minute flight, nor was he rushed to nearby Soroka Hospital. Nope, he suffered a two hour ambulance ride with Rabin’s shooter Yoram Rubin by his side. When Sharon arrived at Hadassah, who greeted the him first but Shimon Peres? And Israel was stuck with a new prime minister because of a finely worded contract to name Olmert as such for as long as Sharon stayed in hospital. He is still there, alive and hopeful, awaiting a brain transplant.
     So that’s the situation. Olmert, who was never even Likud member number 40 is now number one in Kadima and Peres in number two. They have plastered together a party of political criminals, all of whom will join together to destroy Judea and Samaria when the new government it leads begins to function. The damage began on Jan. 11, “when Olmert announced that Shimon Peres would be the first invited to sit in his new cabinet.”

     And then, voila, Olmert became a peacemaker: Thursday said that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has
invited Olmert to visit Washington DC, probably sometime next month.
And on Wednesday evening Bush called Olmert by telephone and told him
that he intended to make sure the vision he and Sharon shared of
Israel surrendering more land for the sake of  peace became a
reality. Olmert responded that if elected, he would be working side by side
with the American to realize the birth of a Palestinian Arab state on
the ancient Jewish lands of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

      And that’s the situation today. Netanyahu, complicit in the Rabin murder coverup, is prime minister, while the planner of Rabin and Sharon’s demise, Shimon Peres is president. Meanwhile, Olmert, a prime suspect in Sharon’s coup de grace, is released from severe corruption charges. I am in America, against my will, while they all enjoy ultimate power over my country.


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