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—  Conspireality

BBC Annouces Collapse of WTC7 50MINUTES before it happened!!!

Freedom to Fascism – Where is the law that says you MUST pay income tax?


Engineer Gordon Ross gives an absolutely terrific analysis of the WTC collapses. Highly technical but presented for the non-technical. A must see!


ZEITGEIST, The Movie – A terrific documentary on what Christianity, 9/11, and the Federal Reserve all have in common..


ZEITGEIST, The Addendum – A new sequel to the terrific original movie which picks up where the other leaves off…

Dr. Steven Jones Dicusses the use of Thermite in WTC

Stephen Harper AND John Howard give IDENTICAL speeches in the run up to the Iraq war.. Proof the selling of the war was orchestrated on a broader scale than just the Bush admininstration.

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FED Inspector General doesn’t know where 9 Trilion in loans went

05/08/09  Rep. Alan Grayson asks the Federal Reserve Inspector general about the Trillions of Dollars lent or spent by the Federal reserve and where it went, and the Trillions off the balance sheet obligations.  Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman responds that the IG does not know and is not tracking where the money is!!!!!!   This is ubelievable.. Trillions completely unaccounted forand unmonitored..  It is clear the Central Banks in collusion with the Federal Reserve have effectively extorted this country to the tune of several Trillion dollars.. Is that OK with you?

CNN’s Gulf War 1 Broadcasts from Saudi Arabia were FAKE!

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False Flag 101 – The US has a history of attacking themselves to go to war.
Becasue the constitution prohibits any president from declaring war, the US has a long standing tradition of faking attacks upon itself to prompt congress to go to war.

How Mushrooms can save the planet

2 Responses to “Conspireality TeleVision”

  1. you tube /jbjamsandtears… I am but one man but I am trying to spread the truth but it seems like Americans today are brainwashed and feel they must follow the system, sad, so sad. I try to tell people these truths but it is frightening , they seem to not care and think I am talking out of my ass…I am with y’all in this fight and hopefully Americans will wake up and fight back,weather it be with knowledge/revolution but to overthrow this corrupt government. I am still irate about the whole 9/11 issue , when will the scum be brought to justice …Bush, and the list to long to mention..God help us all!

  2. Most of the people who are asleep to what is going on, will some day wake up. But it is most likely that they will no longer have a country and perhaps will have been labeled a homegrown terrorist, and be in a FEMA concentration camp when they do.

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