Eric Harrington – The Big Lie

You know, I have some very dear friends who are staunch conservatives, and a few have had the courage (or anger at my progressive blitzkrieg) to actually joust with me about virtually everything that divides the two ideologies. And I just have to scratch my head sometimes, because no matter how much damning evidence comes out, no matter how many times I reiterate the numerous changes in the party line about why we went to war, no matter how many times I demonstrate the lies for what they are, these “Conservatives” either avoid the hard questions, or change the subject.  It is odd that they almost seem to not care about the lies.  But tonight I finally got it.


They are all in on the Big Lie. They all have fallen into a twisted reality where the end justifies the means, so that it doesn’t matter what the Bushivic Hawks told us in the rush to attack Iraq.  “Saddam had to go!”  The reasons are only for the wussy Liberals.  And if actually confronted with really damning lies, they will throw out the universal smoke screen. “Show me PROOF they lied and I will not support them”.  Even polls repeat this, suggesting that a significant portion of “Conservative” Americans would be really mad and maybe even start listening to the Al Frankin Show if they had proof Bush lied.  But this again is all one big lie. Everyone knows it is all but impossible to get concrete proof of lies when the liars control the information.  Oops, sorry, that’s classified!


But the bottom line is it really doesn’t matter to the neo-conservatives, because deep down inside they don’t care if the Republicans and the talking heads lie.  That’s why Rush Limbaugh is still on the air when he is caught in blatant lies and gross exaggerations virtually every day. They are willing to be complicit in the big lie, if it’s for something they believe is right.  It’s why they are not fazed by the suggestion that the election was stolen in Ohio and Florida, because who cares; we’re right and whatever it takes to win is OK.


To them the Republican double-speak isn’t insidious propaganda, it’s poetry — rich double entendre with a potent subtext of Ideological victory. UCLA should start a new major, Political Theater.


And it’s where all that Stepford smugness comes from too.  Because they know all this “truth” stuff is all just a game. Results are all that matters. Ending the Liberal scourge is worth a few little lies, a little ballot tampering, and maybe a bit of good old fashioned slander.  It’s why the Ann Coulters of the world continue to spew without the slightest neo-conservative rancor, while every neo-conservative I know replies, “Oh she doesn’t represent real conservatives”, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. But just mention Clinton and watch them rant. I’m reminded of the timeless movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” except instead of the horrible screech, it’s feigned outrage.  It’s why they still vote for Bush, even though his campaign viscously slandered a relatively honorable and reasonably authentic Conservative John McCain. And all in the name of “Decency” and “Values”, it is the ultimate irony.


The fact is, these working class neo-conservatives (that is the fools at the bottom who don’t actually reap the booty of the corporate plunder) are all so enamored with being on the inside of the joke, as it were, and being able to laugh at the whiney little Liberals who cry about there being no fairness or grace in politics. But in private amongst themselves the talk goes something like this; “Fairness and grace my ass, this is war. The US lied to Nazi Germany every chance they got, and so will we!”  And war it is, and they are the unwitting foot soldiers of a new Fascist movement.


And they will lie to us friends.  About anything and everything.  Even little things. For they know they can get away with it. The media (supposedly our only check on misinformation and propaganda), like hyenas, only attacks those they know are defenseless or overwhelmed.


So wake up and smell the coffee!  They have not “rewritten” the rules as some smug journalists are so ready suggest. THERE ARE NO RULES! “Rules are for sissies!” “Rules are for snooty intellectuals!”  “Rules are for Liberals.”  But for the Neo-Conservative Warrior, the only rules that matter are those that forward their agenda, and to a lesser extent those pesky “laws.” That is, until they gain control of the courts. Then the laws will only be for people who disagree.


Wake up Liberals!. To arms Progressives! Hitch your tree harnesses Greens!  The game is afoot, and we are getting our asses handed to us with our own rules of decency.  Now I’m am NOT suggesting that we play by their rules, but I AM suggesting that there are none.  And the sooner we really understand that — the sooner we get the “joke”, the sooner we can start laughing back.  And yes, the truth is on our side, and that and a  meager $19.95 will get you as copy of Ann Coulters’ best seller Slander, and an iced latte.


I can’t wait to hear the chorus of feigned outrage this dissertation may elicit from my staunch neo-conservative acquaintances. But deep inside they know it’s the truth.  Or maybe not..  Some I know are simply deluded. Them I can forgive to an extent. But for the rest, to quote a famous neo-conservative, “BRING IT ON!!”

~ by Eric Harrington on September 2, 2008.

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