Angry Cowboy – Republican Convention 08′

I watched the convention the last two nites. Sarah Palin is Dick Cheney dressed up to look like Paula Prentice in 1965. Despite the serious coverage the “liberal media” is giving her, she’s as qualified for national office as our bartender at the Moose Lodge. She had a child at 44 when she knew it was going to be Down’s syndrome. She’s not fit to be a mother!

I watched the big grand finale, and it was what I figured. Several things struck me. McCain sounded civil and reasonable for the first half of his speech. Then he turned into George Bush. Mission accomplished, more drilling, tax cuts, blah, blah, blah. Somehow we need a change, but he didn’t suggest any changes except the usual generalities about cleaning up Washington. He’s still calling himself a maverick, when he hasn’t been a maverick in years. He totally avoided any substantive issues.

The after show, however, caught my attention. First, Wolf Blitzer was obviously spoiling for a fight. If John says another word about “liberal media”, the fangs will come out and he’ll go for the nominee’s jugular.

Michael Dukakis was so well spoken. Like several others (including the John McCain of 8 years ago), I think he would have made a much better president than the ones we got. But that’s spilled milk under the bridge.

The topper of the night, as often happens, was Arianna Huffington. She said that the democrats must focus on the issues. The media are going to have a blood-feast on Sarah. The “soap opera” of her life, as Arianna calls it, is going to dominate the news to the detriment of the real issues. I’m sure this is what the Rove-clones had in mind when they chose her. Hell, they’d have chosen Britney, but she doesn’t kill moose. The media will certainly do their part to make sure that most people don’t even think about what 4 more years of Bush policies will do to this country.

On a lighter note: I’ not big on fashion, but this bunch gives me the creeps. Cindy McCain has gazillions, so you know her clothes cost more than the national debt of Cuba. She looks like she’ colorblind and shops at Wal-Mart. Sarah, shops with Cindy, and the hair and glasses… No offense to spinster librarians, but… John, Boris Yeltsin wears better fitting suits!

I noticed that on the final night they finally found another black man to go with the one they’ve been showing on the other nights. There were no skinny people. And I wish they wouldn’t wear those taco shaped cowboy hats. I used to like redneck jokes, but George Bush has ruined that for me. After what’s happened to the country the last 8 years, I just can’t laugh at blind, defiant stupidity anymore. Now these conventioneers have made me see how dumb I must look in a cowboy hat. Well, I’m skinny, I know how to shape a cowboy hat, and I don’t breath through my mouth and drool, but still..

Jeez, a lot of unfinished sentences there. “Confusion to our enemies!”

–Angry Cowboy

PS … I sent this to the RNC in the postage paid envelope they sent me with a request for a donation.

~ by angrycowboy on September 6, 2008.

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