Eric Harrington – The Life Force as Negative Entropy

Through observation, we see the tendency for energy in the universe to naturally decay from a state of higher complexity to a state of lower complexity. This deterioration in complexity is called Entropy and is observed universally in all systems. Thus if we assume that the antimatter world exists, logic would suggest that it has a similar expression of entropy. But the likelihood is it would be the inverse of Entropy as we know it. This “inverse entropy” would exhibit the tendency to seek an increase in complexity as opposed to a decrease. This is quite a good description of the Life force.

Life could be described as an as of yet unidentified force, that propels base matter naturally from lesser to greater complexity. In effect, it seeks paths of reaction that have a greater than 1 to 1 chance of forming a new forms of greater complexity than itself. Like gentle fingers, it slowly reaches up, as it searches through all the compounds and possible reactions in the universe for those paths to greater and greater levels of complexity.

Often times it is stopped cold when it finds itself locked in a very stable compound like water. But rarely, it finds it way into very complex and reactive compounds like DNA, and in particular ones that can store information and not just energy, and that’s when the fun begins. Because not only is this basic reverse entropy at play. There is also a phenomenon called resonance. Every molecule is not a stagnant object, but in fact like tiny strings vibrating. And when these vibrating molecules or cells resonate with other molecules, cells, etc.., the resonance creates a magnification, in effect storing and building the energy of the resonating system.

So as this reverse entropy snakes it way through greater levels of complexity, it finds systems which have resonant relationships, thus creating higher energy levels when placed in close proximity of each other than when separate. And as these systems finally come together in a system which can harmoniously resonate, viola, a new form of complexity is created that we call Life. And the same process could affect early cells or even multi-celled organisms. They randomly mix and collide until they find those combinations that resonate, and over and over, a greater level of complexity is reached each time until finally it peaks, at least on this planet with Humans.


~ by Eric Harrington on September 10, 2008.

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