An Eyewitness to the Crash at the Pentagon Speaks Up

An Eyewitness to the Crash at the Pentagon Speaks Up

“Sam” is one of the people who helped pick up scraps; he talks about what he saw

Sam, who had been an emergency medical technican, was driving near the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

When he was in front of the Pentagon, traffic began to slow down. Sam noticed an airplane in the distance. He knew about the attack on the WTC, and he pulled over and got out of his car. He saw a second airplane high up in the air above the Pentagon. Then the first airplane crashed into the Pentagon.

Sam walked onto the grass to help the survivors, but he didn’t find any bodies or luggage. He joined the people who picked up scraps (see photo above).

He noticed that something was strange about the airplane accident and the behavior of some of the federal agents. During the following years Sam discussed the issue on the Internet. He recently heard about me (Eric Hufschmid), and decided to contact me. Here is his story, along with discussions on other subjects:

To listen to the interview, please visit and click on the MP3 link.

Sam’s description of the airplane, and the scraps supports
the theory that a Global Hawk crashed into the Pentagon.

His testimony also shows that there must be thousands of people who know that the official story is a lie, but they are too frightened to talk, or they don’t realize that their information is important.

NOTE:  Sam had a chemotherapy treatment a few hours before the interview, and was a bit tired.

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