Dark Star: the basic idea

In the coming months I hope to post a number of blog pieces about the possible existence of the a Dark Star orbiting our Sun.  My items will most likely consist of news reports from the field of astronomy, as well as further speculation on my part.  This is because there are regular pieces of data and evidence emerging all the time which back up my claims for this Dark Star’s existence.

So, how come you haven’t heard about this Dark Star before?  Because, like UFOs, there has never been any definitive evidence available to scientists which will create a cast-iron case for its existence.  However, also like UFOs, there is a tremendous amount of circumstantial and indirect evidence for this reality.

I suggest, with growing confidence as the years go on, that our Sun is not a singular object. Instead, it has a binary companion – a very small ‘failed star’, whose light output is practically extinguished. 

An eclipsing binary, with an indication of the variation in intensity

An eclipsing binary, with an indication of the variation in intensity

It orbits the Sun at a great distance, and is, for all intents and purposes, dark.  Yet, it causes many indirect effects on our solar system. The evidence is solid enough, and I go into a great amount of detail of detail in my book ‘The Dark Star’, published by the Timeless Voyager Press in 2005 (and about to be published in Germany by Kopp-Verlag).

But the science behind the existence of this important object (a sub-brown dwarf, in the astronomical jargon) is only part of the story.  The Dark Star plays an important part in our own history:  Because this object emits heat, and a small amount of dim light.  It warms and nurtures its own planetary system. That system is capable fo supporting complex life, right on our cosmic doorstep. This is what makes the Dark Star Theory so relevant to anyone studying ancient mysteries, or UFOs.  It creates a platform for understanding where UFOs come from, and where, perhaps, we came from too.  The Dark Star is part of a bigger picture – one described by authors like Zecharia Sitchin. 

It creates a scientifically valid scenario for a paradigm shift.  I hope that in the coming months you will enjoy considering this alternative reality, and preparing yourself for a world-shattering discovery which I believe is imminent.

~ by andylloyd on September 17, 2008.

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