Angry Cowboy – Gezart! (translation – Shit! I should have known!)


For you illiterates, Gezart is a term often used by Hunter S. Thompson.  Of Appalachian origin, it means “Shit, I should have known!”


Aha!  Now I see it clearly.  This Sarah Palin thing.  In the first place, she is a total waste of everyone’s time.  She is an invention of the Rove machinery.  That she is incapable of running a small town, let alone the US, is beyond question.  She was chosen (and I have to admit sneaking admiration for Rove and his demons for the genius of the move) to aggravate the hell out of Obama.  She’s a pitbull in women’s clothing who will attack, vituperate and lie. But if you fight back, you’ll be accused of being sexist.  She’s a “momeeee!”


This leaves Obama with the options of (1) Ignoring her, like John Kerry did the Swift boaters.  We saw how that turned out.  (2) Fighting back.  Not a viable option.  She’s the darling of the media.  She’s knocked Britney and Oprah off the front pages of the scandal sheets and the so-called TV news shows.  (It’s hard to tell the difference anymore.)


So far Obama and Joe have chosen to take option one.  I think that’s the wisest course.  Stay on message.  The GOP has fucked the country for 8 years!  And the beat goes on.  McCain and herself are trying to distance themselves from the little puke that some still refer to as Our President, but the song remains the same.  (excuse the musical references.  I’m a musician.  Sue me.)  Anyone who is so diehard that they think the Iraq war is justified and drilling will cure the country’s ills won’t be persuaded by sweet reason, a free Prius or a blow job from Angelina.  Forget them.  If you tied a flag around their eyes and gave them a gun, they’de shoot their own foot off!


Please, Jesus, don’t let over half the American people be so stupid that they can be misled like overweight lambs to the slaughter again.  We’re in two un-winnable wars.  Our economy’s in the shitter.  There’s no end in sight.  And we gave up peace and prosperity under Clinton for this?  Well, now I’m ranting.  It’s cocktail time on the ranch.  I get like this sometimes.


Back to the essentials.  In the endless discussions by self-appointed experts on TV, no  one has questioned why the Democrats are beating the GOP like a redheaded step-child in fundraising.  O, my goodness, are there suddenly fewer billionaire Republicans?  Hardly.  It’s obvious to me that the GOP realized  some months ago that there’s no way they can win, given the way they’ve screwed the country.  So they decide to just ride this one out.  Maybe do a little damage. 


Johnny has lost it bad.  He could have had Mitt, but he’s cracked in places even I don’t understand.  He’s Ronald Reagan in sheep’s clothing.  That shit-eatin grin doesn’t fool me.  Georgie has that shit-eatin grin and it just disguises the fact that he doesn’t have a fucking clue!  He’s drowning in the deep end of the pool and doesn’t have the smarts to cry for help.  Even Mike “praise the Lord” Huckabee could have saved his albino ass.  But Sarah….


I grew up in the Assemblies of God.  I know those people back to front.  They’re self righteous till hell won’t have ‘em.  Take a look at Nancy Grace, with her little pinched up, self-righteous mouth, her southern accent and her drooling obsession with pedophilia, and ask yerself, “Would I want her to be president?”  Leader of the free world is out of the question.  Bush Jr. has put paid to that.  We are washed up morally and financially, thanks to him. Christ on a crutch!  I thought his old man was awful.  I had no idea of the level to which we could sink.  It’s enough to drive a right thinking person to drug abuse, and when you’re listening to the Burrito Brothers Guilded Palace of Sin in the middle of the night, with a few margaritas and a coupla bottles of wine under yer belt, you can well imagine.


Now we have the “stock market emergency”  We must immediately pass a law that gives 700 billion to the rich because of their gambling habit.  Wait one fucking minute!  The last time we heard this “You must give me huge amounts of money and no oversight right now!”,  we got into a war that has practically wrecked the country with no end in sight.  Could go on for 100 years according to the dingbat who’s running for president.   Fuck me with a big stick!  Obviously this “drug problem” is even worse than we thought. Gezart! 


I’m no economist, but why haven’t I hear any realistic alternatives to this rush to give more of our hard earned spondoolics away to millionaires.  The cocksuckers aren’t content with the billions we’re giving to Halliburton, KBR and all their other Cheney-backed war profiteers.  If you’ve never listened to Dylan’s “Masters of War”, look it up.  It is the most viscous attack on anyone I ever heard and explains why us old guys don’t give a shit if he’s a lousy singer and harp player.  War profiteers are the lowest of the low, and Dick Cheney is their leader! 


Alternatives, ah yass.  Why haven’t I heard a single person on TV suggest that we simply bail our the poor, dumb fucks that lost their homes?  It would cost about the same, and with the kind of leverage they have right now, they could force the banks to lower their rates, give people a two month breathing space on their payments.  Rescue the economy from the bottom up.  I think it’s a novel idea that might work.  What do we have to lose?  (after I wrote this Lou Dobbs took a few seconds off from bashing the “Liberal Press” for mistreating poor little Sarah to point out that the Democrats haven’t done their job by coming up with a reasonable alternative to the Bush giveaway.)  I’m forced to agree with Lou Dobbs.  Wha….?


Remember “Reagaonmics”?  The” trickle down theory”.  Benefit the rich and the bucks will trickle down to the rest of you jerk-offs out there.  It didn’t work!  I think that’s the definition of an idiot.  He keeps trying the same thing , even tho it doesn’t work.  Well, we’ve had 8 years of that. 


At this point the author chugged three beers in rapid succession, smoked many Marlboros, went to youtube and never came back.  He was found the following morning trying to learn Clarence White guitar licks in the front yard.


Selah.  It is written.

~ by angrycowboy on October 3, 2008.

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