Angry Cowboy – Last chance to trash the Bushistas!

Ah yass, my friends,

I’ve been busy with projects for the past couple of months and haven’t had time to stay up all nite drinking and damning the Bush administration.

I’m still pissed off tho.  “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” (For you youngsters, this refers to the fact that in my blighted youth, every major event was required by law to end with Kate Smith bellowing God Bless America in her whiskey baritone.  Not all change is bad.)

I’m referring, of course to the fact that George and his gang of sychophants still have over a month to wreak more havoc on the country.  We’ve had 8 years of the most wrong-headed administration in history.  An Administration that makes LBJ’s seem benevolent and Grant’s seem honest.  He’s brought the country to the brink of ruin and finally admits he may have “mis-spoke” a couple of times.  Holy shit!  Mispoke?  The only ally we have left is American Samoa!  You can’t fix stupid.

It would be easy to feel kinda sorry for him now that it’s become apparent that almost everyone in America thinks he’s a schmuck, but he’s still at it. Passing executive orders, selling off oil leases like it’s a fucking fire sale, pardoning criminals.  There’s still time.  I want him and Cheney Impeached!  I want Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Pearl and the whole gang on trial for crimes against humanity!  The results of their lust for power and incompetence will take years – if not decades to overcome.  We may never fully recover.  It’s unbelievable to me that we will let these people get off scot free after what they’ve done to this country.  Vindictive?  You’re damn right.  Why should we forgive and forget?

After all, they’re the very ones who believe in “making an example” of wrong-doers.  They’re the ones who think locking up people for years with no recourse or hope for release is perfectly OK.  A few years in Lompoc would be good for them, and it would make me feel a lot better.  Actually, I’d prefer they went to one of our state prisons.  Angola would be nice. Considering the amount of death and destruction of lives they’ve caused, they’d be getting off easy.  They must have broken some Louisiana state laws.

Well, that’s not going to happen.  One of Pelosi’s first statements when she took over the House leadership was that impeachment wasn’t on the table. Talk about “loyal opposition”.  She and Reed couldn’t be more loyal if they’d pulled a Leiberman.  I’m very disappointed that the democrats didn’t get rid of most of the hacks and ass kissers in Congress who have done nothing to stop the Bushman all these years, and particularly the last two.  They deserve to be labeled “wimps”.  Maybe they’ll grow a nutsack now that they have a huge majority and a president.  But, You can’t fix stupid.

Speaking of nutsacks, I recently watched Michael Moore’s “Sicko”.  The most telling statement in the movie was by a Frenchman who said, “The French government fears the people – the American people fear the government.”  How pathetic is that?

The Republicans, meanwhile, are angry.  But then they’re always angry. Hell, they were angry when they controlled all three branches of government. They blamed every problem in the last 8 years on Bill.  They acted like they were a persecuted minority when they had the country by the balls and were squeezing them like limes.  We can expect whining on the grand scale for the next few years.  You can’t fix stupid.

I had a very insulting mail from a magazine publisher recently, but I checked the web and discovered he is a Rush Limbaugh groupie.  He actually called him “humble and intelligent”.  I decided not to send the letter I had written threatening to “kick your fat ass from here to Tuscon.”  You can’t fix stupid.

John McCain looks positively pitiful, now that he was roundly rejected by the American people, but don’t forget he’s incredibly wealthy, he’s still got a sinecure in the Senate, he continued to kiss George’s ass until weeks before the election and he’s a vain, unstable dingbat who chose Sarah for a running mate.  You can’t fix stupid

Speaking of Sarah.  Aw shit, I swore I’d never mention her name again.  Will this woman never go away.  The media are hyping her for 2012 already.  Gimme a break.  You can’t fix stupid.

I will admit that I was surprised and pleased that the campaign didn’t get any dirtier than it did, The Killah from Wasillah notwithstanding.  Every day up till the polls closed I expected a swiftboat attack stating that Obama took it up the ass from a donkey in Tijuana.  Not wanting to give credit where it’s not due, it must have been an oversight.  Now, if Carl Rove had been running the campaign.

I’m delighted that Obama won.  I wake up every morning hoping that the secret service does their job.  I think they will.  They’re too egotistical not to.  We finally have a president who can complete a sentence and who treats the public like they’re adults.  Don’t fuck it up!

It’s going to be a very tough 4 years, but remember, we (I include myself) allowed that arrogant little prick to run the country into the ground for 8 years.  As Paul Simon wrote, “We’ve lived so well so long.”  An awful lot of people have lived an unsustainable dream for a long time, and the belt-tightening is going to be painful, but maybe, just maybe we finally have some real leadership.  Real statesmanship that can herd the sheep in Congress and the overweight American public into the 21st century.  You can’t fix stupid, but maybe you can get it into the barn with the right carrot and stick.

Hope and pray,

The Angry Cowboy

~ by angrycowboy on December 12, 2008.

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