Angry Cowboy – We’re lucky they don’t murder us in our beds…….



I just came from the grocery, and there were people wearing sandals.  It’s 40, ferchrissakes.  It’s none of my damn business, so I resist the urge to yell, “What the fuck’s wrong with you?  This ain’t the Philippines, ya’know?”  The young boys wear those hideous below the knee shorts, hangin down below their asses, little goat beards and shaved heads.  The girls wear pajamas or dress like whores.  Obesity is rampant.  Then there’s tattoos and piercings. 


Holy fuck!  My generation gave them sexual freedom, but they make themselves so ugly that no one would want to fuck them!  I wouldn’t kiss Penelope Cruz, if she had a ring thru her lip.  Have you seen Woodstock or Monterey Pop recently?  I mean we did some stupid shit and fell for some stupid shit (the Who, Joni Mitchell, Country Joe), but we were stoned and looked good. 


I think this means I’m very old.  And so is it ever.  My dad never got over Benny Goodman and Mitch Miller.  Thought Elvis and Jerry Lee were ridiculous. 


Would that it were that trivial.  AC’s First Rule of History:  Every generation curses the previous generation for being so stupid and leaving the world in such bad shape.  This generation has every right to feel this way.  I can’t remember any generation in history that tolerated greed and bad government on the scale we have.  So, let ’em wear ugly clothes and deface their bodies.  We’re lucky they don’t murder us in our beds…

— Angry Cowboy




~ by angrycowboy on December 24, 2008.

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