HAMAS should Stop?





I have been reading opinion pieces on many progressive sites, suggesting that Hamas has to stop the missile attacks on Israel so that the international community can have an excuse to pressure Israel to stop the violence.


The problem is they have stopped many times and Israel has never, not once,  given an inch.  And their response is always 100 times that which they receive. The last count for this round was 5 Israeli dead, to 550 Palestinians.


The reality is, as soon as the Palestinians stop attacking Israel the world looks away, and this has been a fact for decades now. They really have no other option than to sacrifice hundreds, (if not thousands over the last decades) to keep the eyes of the world focused on their plight. That is not terrorism, it is desparation. This is not ideology, it’s survival.  Stop and they will continue to be savagely oppressed. Anyone that suggests otherwise has an agenda other than peace and human rights. Period.


I am of the opinion that for real peace to occur, Israeli must be forced to STOP oppressing the Gaza Strip.  They must take the high ground and stop the violence first.  It is in their hands. There may be attacks for a while, for no one can control that completely, it is doubtful Hamas could stop the attacks immediately if they wanted too. But if the Israeli’s take the high ground, and take some casualties for a while and stop the eye for and eye mentality and come to the table,  the attacks will stop eventually. Hama will lose their idelogical ammunition.  It is in Israel’s hands, not the Palestinians. They have all the power, all the tanks, all the planes.  But they have shown NO willingness to compromise..




~ by Eric Harrington on January 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “HAMAS should Stop?”

  1. Bravo. Absolutely correct. Our own country is percieve by most of the rest of the world as a bully, and our country’s unqualified and un wavering support of Israel’s unforgivable conduct is something which is helping us did our own grave.

    The last President who stood up to the Israeli lobby was Dwight D. Eisenhower. He also warned us of the military indistrial complex. Eisenhower was the last great Republican, and JFK was the last great Democrat.

    We have not had a President of honor since. Please wake up, my fellow Americans.

  2. I see that bravo and raise you an ameen.

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