Angry Cowboy – The Inauguration, 2009

What a glorious day! I arose early and built a fire, made coffee and had a few whacks of Bailey’s in celebration. I’m getting old and waited until 5:00 PM to tap the Maker’s Mark. . I could have lived without the homophobe holy roller doing the opening prayer. What a dick! Mark my words, he’ll git busted seducing young boys in a public toilet before long. Happens all the time. Aretha doesn’t have much breath anymore, but she’s Aretha. That’s all ye know and all ye need to know. Selah. Thank god she didn’t attempt “The Star Spangled Banner”. Iztak and YoYo were breath-taking, as usual. How do they do that? Rev. Lowery kicked ass.

Big Dick was in a wheelchair. He should be dead! I’ll never forgive Nancy Pelosi for not leading a move to impeach him and Bush. The cocksuckers got away clean. Oh, sure, they’ll go down in history as the worst administration ever, but that’s not enough. They should be doing hard time for crimes against humanity, malfeasance and blatant, arrogant, inexcusable corruption! Just seeing their pinched, bloated, complacent faces sends me into a frenzy of justifiable rage.

The ceremony was inspiring, even tho that Bush suck-up, Roberts fucked up the oath. The speech was so cliché-free. He should have thrown in a memorable line like, “Ask not….” Somewhere. The press is even now combing it for a headline. At last we have a president who can speak English. He flat shucked the corn. He asked for sacrifice. Long overdue. “W” asked the country to “go shopping”, while he set off a fire-storm of death and destruction. Obama beat both Georges like a red-headed step-child. The guy is just *cool.*

I watched with particular attention the departure of the Bushes. I was extremely disappointed. I wanted that sleazy little jerk-off to break down and sob like Richard Nixon, swilling gin, gobbling valium and praying for deliverance. I will try henceforth to forget (not forgive, mind you) that destructive, self-satisfied, stupid, cowardly, childish, lazy little piece of excrement. All, _all _his evil, corrupt, lying, sniveling, dumbass, mean-spirited, hopeless, loser, geek thugs should be in jail. And that goes double for the weasely media that treated him like fucking Shirley Temple for 8 years while we went down the shitter. I saw this coming . I warned all within the sound of my voice over and over Gezart-what’s the use?

This is my last shot. I must admit, I’ve really enjoyed thrashing Georgie. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. I’ve never gotten over the fact that about half the American people actually fell for his snake oil line. But, “Let the dead bury their dead.” Does my bitterness shock you? I’m a Scot. We have a history of needless violence and apoplexy– sue me!

I finally found a channel that’s actually covering the inaugural festivities. Have I mentioned how much I hate TV? I actually counted eight, count ’em _eight _crawls, logos and crap on the screen over Obama at one time. Are these people on drugs? Of course they are. And we still spend millions on the “war on drugs”. They’re in your living rooms, people. Drug addled geeks, who subject you to absolute shit 24/7; they’re as boring as talking to a stoner! John Prine said, Blow up yer TV.”

The channel I finally found was that one with Anderson Cooper (that poor, unfortunate, not too bright, albino boy with the goofy laugh.) The band played music that Sammy Davis Jr. couldn’t have danced to. The music was atrocious. Old crap that I didn’t even like in the 40s. I was a Bing Crosby fan.

So we begin tomorrow. I hope and pray that the young will pick up that fallen, inspired flag and change this country. Keep the momentum, keep the faith in justice, kick the bums out when the stench gets so bad that it bothers people in Pittsburg. Don’t let the greed and sloth win, like my fat, complacent generation did. Jesus, I sound like I’m running for office. I think it’s time I revive one of my old customs and fire of a shotgun round in the front yard. Good night, and good luck.

~ by angrycowboy on January 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Angry Cowboy – The Inauguration, 2009”

  1. Don’t dispair Cowboy. When the massive borrow and spend policies of our insprational President collapses the dollar, you will need that shot gun. And within four years you will be bashing Obama, as he continues down the same broad genterl path which Bush has done. He will just do it better with collective socialism in his heart. It is I who wish you good luck.

  2. But there is no Borrow in teh equation.. As you know, the money is created out of thin air…

    If enough productivity is created to back the money then it will cause no inflation… However, I am strongly of the opinion as I have said in my post that this is an OPPORTUNITY to spend the vapor money on things which will make America more competitive… namely Renewable energy infrastructure…

  3. Amen Cowboy! We saw the same inauguration, but I was more pissed at the homophobic roller and the fuck ups by Roberts…INEXCUSABLE. Also think i might have enjoyed DickStrangelove in the wheelchair more than you! We are of one mind about the TV. AMENagain!

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