Man sought by UK authorities over alleged sending of DVD about UK 7/7 Bombings

February 11, 2009

 A man sought by the UK authorities for allegedly attempting to pervert the course of justice by sending a controversial DVD to a judge and jury foreman during a trial relating to bomb attacks in London in July 2005 has appeared before the High Court after being arrested in Co Meath.

Sheffield-born Anthony John Hill (60) was arrested by gardaí at his home in Carrick Street, Kells, early yesterday morning on foot of a European Arrest Warrant, Mr Justice John MacMenamin was told.

Mr Hill’s extradition is being sought in relation to his alleged actions during the trial of several people on conspiracy charges related to the attacks on July 7th, 2005, that took place on the London underground and a London bus.

It is alleged that, in May and June 2008, Mr Hill sent several copies of a DVD entitled 7/7 Ripple Effect to the judge and the foreman of a jury at the trial at Kingston Crown Court of people allegedly involved in assisting the 2005 bombings.

7/7 Ripple Effect is a film, available on the internet, which claims people accused of involvement in the bombings are innocent and that the bombings were an “inside job”, perhaps involving state intelligence agencies in either Britain or Israel.

The British authorities claim copies of the DVD were sent, in packaging with Irish postal marks, between September 2007 and December 2007 to five relatives of people who had been killed during the bombing.

In court yesterday, Sgt Seán Fallon said that when arrested at his Kells home at 8.14am, Mr Hill, when asked about the DVD, had said: “I sent it. I believe those men to be innocent.”

Sgt Fallon said Mr Hill had said that a friend of his had made the DVDs and that copies were made on his computer.

Gardaí took possession of computers at Mr Hill’s home yesterday and will apply to the court to send those computers to the British authorities.

The matter was adjourned by Mr Justice MacMenamin to February 18th and Mr Hill was remanded in custody.

Watch the 7/7 Ripple Effect and judge for yourself. A very compelling video, highly recomended.

~ by ravingliberal on February 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Man sought by UK authorities over alleged sending of DVD about UK 7/7 Bombings”

  1. Does anyone have the full article as printed in Irish Times?

  2. It’s listed in the Post..

  3. We love John Anthony Hill

  4. While I feel that Mr Hill is operating from a place of love and justice, his cause has a cult following that has robbed a wife of her husband, and their children of their father. May justice be served in this particular case…but for the rest, we’ll have to rely on divine justice.

  5. SInce when is sending a DVD to someone a crime?, I have to sit and listen to the lies and bullshit on the BBC everyday yet no one gets arrested in that propaganda tool organisation.
    I am going to burn loads of copies of the DVD and send them out to all and sundry – hey cant jail us all.

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