Angry Cowboy – Same Shit, Different Day..

What is up with the Republican Party?  I think they’ve caught the Democrat disease.  Shrinking embarrassment, trapped rat syndrome, a loser mentality.  I think it’s better to just croak out the old mea culpa, go hide for a while like ole Blue and hope the large percentage of Americans who regularly watch Oprah and Bridgette’s Sexiest Breaches and have very short memories (these are the same people, by the way, who were screaming for war with Iraq a few years ago-now they’ve forgotten that there are still troops getting killed and mutilated over there.) will forget them like their day at work.


Holy underpants!  The crazy old coot, who is our former veep, who spent the last 8 years in a bunker somewhere, is now on TV all the time predicting doom and claiming he and his right-wing nutbar cronies did a great job!  That’s as big a lie as, “We’re fightin’ ‘em in Iraq, so we won’t have to fight ‘em here.”  Do you know who is doing very well?  Halliburton, that’s who.  They’ve scraped billions out of the lives of our troops, the heartless, war profiteer motherfuckers.  Dick Cheney’s company!  When you’ve lost your house and are eating dog food under a bridge, console yourself with the thought that Dick and Co. are obscenely wealthy.  The measly few million the AIG execs stole is chickenfeed compared to what is flowing into Houston.


Then there’s the patently absurd attack on Franklin D.  A second grader wouldn’t be fooled by this crap.  Ann Coulter and others are now pushing the notion that Roosevelt prolonged the depression with the New Deal.  Well, I can only say to these professional blatherers, “If it hadn’t been for Franklin, you might not be here.  Your ancestors might have starved to death!” 


The manly thing to do would to admit that Bush and company fucked up really badly.  Not just Warren G. Harding bad or Richard Nixon bad.  I mean can’t git no worse bad.  Tax cuts for the rich didn’t work.  Let’s attack a weak, stupid, evil dictator to take the folks mind off of the fact we can’t catch bin Laden didn’t work, the free market didn’t work, no child left behind didn’t work.  Our border’s still as leaky as a home-made rowboat.  Our healthcare is worse than it was 8 years ago.  To use one of the GOP’s old stand-bys, “Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?”


What I see happening is a bunch of degenerate old power brokers  scrambling for position in a political party that’s as empty as Harry Reed’s eyes.   They’ll say anything, float any dingbat idea that will get them on the evening news. 


The socialist boogey man.  OOOH scary.  It’s just a system.  It works for most of the civilized world.  The fact is we’re already socialized.  Gore Vidal said, “America is the only country in the world that has welfare for the rich.”  Believe it, Gomer.


I guess the bottom line is why did we make nice with George Bush for eight year and won’t give Obama even a few months to get his feet under him in one of the most difficult times in our history?  I’ve never seen such unprovoked viciousness –  wait,  they did the same to Clinton.  Could it be that Republicans are just meaner?  I’m afraid so.  So be it.  It ain’t gonna change.


At least we now have a leader, a man who can complete a sentence, who talks to us like we’re adults (probably a mistake) and who is doing his best to pull us out of the quagmire we’ve got ourselves in.  If we gave him all the slack we gave that drunken frat rat carpetbagger from Connecticut, we might have a chance.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon. So be it.



~ by angrycowboy on April 13, 2009.

One Response to “Angry Cowboy – Same Shit, Different Day..”

  1. .. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but…. Forget the ‘isms’ – communism, socialism, capitalism, pragmatism.. These are just intellectual games used as distraction.. The real ‘truth’ is MONEY.. It has always been about who can hoard the most MONEY.. All this gloom and despair, and finger-pointing misses the main truth about our current situation – the same people who created, manipulated, and caused the ‘Great Depression’, have created, are manipulating, and will cause the next ‘Depression’.. It’s all about MONEY and CONTROL, anything else you consider is just ‘distraction’ to take your mind away from considering the real truth and maybe discovering who really ‘pulls the strings’ and CONTROLS YOU.. Bernanke admitted that the Federal Reserve Bank created/caused the Great Depression in his ‘Apology to Freidman” speech.. Bernanke, Geithner, and Greenspan have created the ‘perfect financial storm’, and in well orchestrated collusion with other ‘Key Players’ like Paulson, G H W Bush, G W Bush, Clinton, Camdessus, Caraunsa, and Rothschild.. They created, caused, and will manipulate the situation until they are again in complete control – then they will loosen things through control of legislation so the ‘sheeple’ and ‘cattle’ can praise their actions and remain in servitude for another 70 years.. The ‘two Party system’ is a contrived distraction – if you believe your vote really counts, Mr. Claus will bring you presents at Christmas too !.. SLAVERY IS NOT FREEDOM.. SERFDOM IS SLAVERY.. MONEY CONTROLS EVERYTHING.. I’m sorry to inform you that under the current ‘model’ it is not really meant for you to share, so all the partisan ranting is for naught.. It is all just a distraction, to befuddle your mind and to keep you from considering the truth of you situation.. Think about what is happening and ‘connect-the-dots’.. When one family controls more than 50% of global wealth, and the worldwide media, guess who is REALLY in control of everything you do ??..

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