Hugo Chavez Socialism – 3rd World Exploitation Comes Home to Roost..

I have found no end of humor in watching Hugo Chavez confound the U.S. political establishment with his seemingly crazy comments about “the Devil” intermingled with savvy populist gestures like giving 20 Million gallons of heating oil to U.S. families. “Crazy as a fox,” as they say..


bald_eagle_nesting-320Lesser known of Mr. Chavez’s efforts to win over American hearts and minds was his offer to give back Petty Island, (a small island off the coast of New Jersey) controlled by Venezuelan state-controlled oil company Citgo, and completely restore it to it’s natural state for a game preserve.  You see, Petty Island and its abandoned collection of old tankers, refinery and storage facilities, is also an important riparian nesting ground and host to the areas only pair of nesting bald Eagles. The island is also smack dab in the middle of a critical flyway for migrating birds.


Mr. Chavez’s offer came with strings attached — the Island could only be used as a nature preserve, and it included $2 million for maintenance and $1 million for a educational and cultural center.  Not so surprisingly, Governor McGreevey of New Jersey refused the offer, wanting instead (in true Jersey form) to hand the island over to developers (and presumably contributors) for a hotel, conference center, golf course, (we definitely need another one of those) and 300 homes.


The deal (of which further details can be found in the Buzzflash article HERE) has still not come to fruition due to posturing by the current New Jersey Governor, apparently afraid to be joined to Mr. Chavez at the political hip by Fox News; but it speaks to a far more important issue — the rise of Chavez and Socialism in South America.


Demagogues like Mr. Chavez are a natural result of political imperialism. As vividly documented in numerous books including “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” (featured here on Conspireality) and Mr. Chavez’s now best selling gift to our President “Open Veins of Latin America” (a dramatic title for a passionate people) the populist movement in South America is a DIRECT result of American corporate intervention and exploitation of South America for a century or more.


After numerous US backed coups, dictators, and our pointless and horrific “Drug War,” our neighbors to the South have finally gotten fed up with the U.S.’s rhetoric about freedom and democracy. The U.S. and its campaign of economic slavery and self-interest in the region have brought them only poverty and stagnation. And Hugo Chavez is a direct incarnation of their well earned distrust of American Freedom.


Of course, proud American defenders, with feigned outrage will attempt to relegate all this to “conspiracy theory” and “leftist propaganda,” but the proof is all there for you if you simply read the numerous books carefully documenting the history of American Eco-warfare and exploitation in South America. And an important history it is, for in many ways it mirrors the history of another region where the U.S.has created a veritable political and socio-economic time-bomb — the Middle East.  In fact, if it weren’t for South America sharing a common religion with the U.S. in Catholicism, it easily could have already become a hotbed of terrorism against the U.S.  Fortunately for us, the Catholic Church in South Americais firmly aligned with the U.S. Corporate backed wealthy class, and while ministering to the poor has not so secretly supported the status quo.  But the people have finally reached the breaking point, because they KNOW the truth.  Much like in Iran — where the local populace know all to well that the U.S. deposed the only democratically elected leader in the region Mohammed Mossedeq in a CIA backed Coup in 1953 – the people distrust our promises of democracy, for history tells a very different story.


And like Iran, if the US does not immediately stop our political posturing and demonizing of Venezuela and the horribly oppressed Cuba,  the people are poised to become our enemy, and we have far to many enemies already. Mr. Chavez is not a fool or a nut, he is a just simple, street-smart and superstitious Indian from the ghettos of a Venezuela who knows exactly what has happened there, and his distrust of the American motives is completely justified.  Demagogue, populist hero, or both, it doesn’t matter– Chavez is intent on promoting a Socialist uprising throughout South America– an uprising that is fueled in part by the detritus of U.S. exploitation and self-interest.  We must immediately demonstrate to South America that we are ready to support their emergence as a political and economic power as partners, for with their abundance of natural resources they are an emerging super power whether we like it or not. And they can partner with us, their geographical, social, and religious cousins, or be driven into the arms of China and Russia.


South and Central American relations are a political tipping-point of far greater importance to American security than even the explosive Middle East, for they could become a cornerstone of American partnership and economic growth, or another devastating competitor.  Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia, and ironically, the best starting point for opening the door to an honest, win-win alliance with South America could be through Mr. Chavez.


Even more Ironically, as the American populace has begrudgingly begun consider “Socialism”, (or a better description might be “Social Capitalism.”) for what it is — a political system which attempts to provide a decent standard of living and fair playing field for all people,  instead of leaving it to the ruthless wiles of the predatory free market — and not what the Right would like to frame it as, namely, a contagious disease– we must also reconsider our place in the world, and the rights of all people to not be exploited to artificially support our inflated lifestyles.  Yes conservatives, we have the RIGHT to be as wealthy and successful as we can be, as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of those who aren’t even in the game…  But make no mistake, South America is in the game now, and they are no longer our corporate feeding grounds, so we had better get them on our team and fast, or watch them become Little Asia

~ by Eric Harrington on April 25, 2009.

One Response to “Hugo Chavez Socialism – 3rd World Exploitation Comes Home to Roost..”

  1. Great post and I don’t see a misstep or msstatement anywhere in there. IOW: I concur (as if that mattered to you ). Say, maybe you can answer a question for me. Why are so many of our lefty leaders so anti-Chavez? It’s been a source of continuing confusion for me. I understand why the conventional wisdom and TPTB must vilify and demonize him, I just don’t get it why EVERYone on the left seems to feel the need. ??

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