A letter to the Town Hall Meeting protestors….

To the “Protestors” at the town hall meetings:

 Where were you when YOUR party took us into an unnecessary and devastating war in Iraq?

 Where were you when YOUR party deregulated the banking industry and paved the way for the financial collapse we face now?

 Where were you when the previous administration of YOUR party limited access to all public events allowing in only loyal party line people? You wouldn’t even have been let in the door of a town hall meeting by the previous administration after just one of these “protests.”

 Where were you when the previous administration of YOUR party put an incompetent bunch of private contractors in charge of the Iraq reconstruction, put A TRILLION dollars in the pockets of crony contractors and got NOTHING for it?  Less people have electricity now then during Saddam Hussein’s era.

 Where were you when the previous administration of YOUR party whitewashed the investigation of the greatest crime ever perpetrated in the US, better know as 9/11?

 Where were you when the previous administration stifled criticism of anything they did as unpatriotic, while circumventing the constitution of this nation (you claim to love) at every turn.

 Where were you when the previous administration presided over the torture of foreign captives?

 Where were you when the previous administration allowed New Orleans to drown?

 Where were you when the previous administration stopped the states from cracking down on the predatory lending practices that contributed to the housing crash?

 Where were you when our country was embarrassed in the eyes of the entire world time and time again, with gross incompetence, arrogance and downright stupidity by the previous administration?

 So this is what you choose to publicly parade your outrage over? Socializing healthcare? Or the stimulus spending that has saved this country (and YOU) from the brink of an unparalleled collapse, a collapse created by YOUR party’s free-market fundamentalist pipedream?  THIS is what you find so important that you will make a public spectacle over it? T HIS is what you choose to execute your right to public protest, (a right honored ONLY by this administration and not the last) Of all the travesties of the past decade, you choose to protest the threat that our broken healthcare system, rated number 37 in the WORLD, and TWICE as expensive as ANYONE else’s,  might be “socialized” like England or Canada, (both systems rated much higher than ours) or even taken to  a hybrid socialist system like France (rated #1)?   Are you really so worried that you might have to contribute a few dollars to insure illegal aliens, that you allow insurance companies to charge you extra thousands in profit for doing NOTHING but trying to DENY YOU COVERAGE?

 What the fuck is WRONG with you people?  Go back to your knitting circles, or tire shops, or whatever it is you do with your sorry lives, and let the people charged with cleaning up the incredible mess YOUR PARTY made of this once proud country, work in peace. AND TURN OFF FOX NEWS and get a life.

~ by ravingliberal on August 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “A letter to the Town Hall Meeting protestors….”

  1. Hey. Don’t lump us knitters with these idiots. Plus, knitters do no have sorry lives.

  2. My Sincere apologies.. I was using it as kind of metaphorical.. But I would be offended to to be lumped in with those morons..

  3. Speaking of morons…
    What was so devastating about removing a tyrant from power and replacing him with a democratic government (oh wait, democracy is evil, right?)

    I see you are quick to mention the deregulation of the banking industry, but fail to mention the demented efforts of your wonderful Democratic party to FORCE lenders to give loans to people who didn’t deserve it. Home ownership is a fundamental right, correct (just like health care)? Oh wait, what happens when they can’t pay their mortgage? The economy collapses! But we’ll blame it on Bush.

    You have absolutely no room to show alleged outrage at how the government may or may not have treated those who disagreed with the administration. Queen Nancy Pelosi, who just a couple of years ago was a big supporter of protesters, now calls them Nazis, just because they object to something she supports. Convenient, huh?

    Wow, you really think the government pulled off 9/11…dude, the government can’t keep ANYTHING secret. If GWB had diarrhea, it was leaked to the media.

    The administration “allowed New Orleans to drown” because the governor of Louisiana (at the time a Democrat who has since been run out of office) failed to ask for help.

    Speaking of gross incompetence, arrogance, and downright stupidity, maybe you should look in the mirror.

    Do you REALLY believe that the stimulus package is saving our economy? The Congressional Budget Office said that it will hurt us more in the long run than it will help us – the CBO is no conservative think tank, my friend. What we’re fighting mad about is the fact that your anointed one has spent SO MUCH MONEY that we will never be able to get out from under the debt. And morons like you try to denigrate us just for daring to question your wonderful leader.

    We recognize the need for health care reform, but why don’t you think for one second why the president is pushing this so hard? Why does he insist on having it NOW, as quickly as possible, even when he hasn’t read the proposals? The administration doesn’t care if it’s a good proposal, they just want something passed. What is wrong with this picture?

    The free-market system that you seem to hate so much is what made this country what it is. It is the sole reason for the prosperity that we enjoy so much (but you seem to hate so much). It inspires people to work hard and get ahead in life, which leads to jobs for others and general prosperity for society as a whole.

    If you don’t like the system we’ve been operating off of for the last 200+ yrs, then move to any of the countries that have embraced your socialist ideas and succeeded…oh wait, there aren’t any. Sorry, I guess you’re stuck. If you’re going to stay, then go back to your commune, smoke your pot, and shut the hell up.

  4. My friend, I can’t kiss your ass because your head is in the way..

    What did you miss a tea party today and decide to waste my time?

    I can’t even waste the time trying to respond to this crap. Stay deluded, it’s easier..

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