VIDEO – Why We NEED Universal Socialized Healthcare

~ by Eric Harrington on August 30, 2009.

One Response to “VIDEO – Why We NEED Universal Socialized Healthcare”

  1. Police, Fire, water: all local government agencies, not federal.

    What you just watched was communist propaganda. Medical paid $5000 to a Spokane hospital; for my mom to sit in a chair for 1.75 hours; and it is all legal.

    Health Care: The Problem and The Solution… OR… People are Stupid

    Before you can fix a problem, you need to know what the problem is. The problem is: health care cost too much. Health care cost far out pace the inflation rate. Why goes health care cost so much? There is more than one cause, but the single largest cause is the American Bar.

    Doctors pay, on average, $100,000.00 a year for their liability insurance. Patents pay insurance. The hospitals, clinics, and doctors office pay insurance. Pharmaceuticals pay insurance. Medical hardware manufactures pay insurance. Insurance companies take their pound of flesh from all aspects of our health care system.

    The single largest employer of lawyers is insurance companies. Lawyers take about 20 percent the the United States of America’s gross national product. No service industry takes a larger bite out of our GNP as the American Bar. This 20% is above the piece taken by insurance companies.

    All lawyers are members of the American Bar. (AB). To a lawyer all laws are constitutional until another lawyer, higher up the chain, states that it is not. Lawyers defend the status quo. The AB has a monopoly on our government. All members of the judicial branch are lawyers. They make up the majority in congress. The last time we did not have a lawyer in the white house was, Ronald Reagan. The Republican Party wound not give Reagan their nomination if he refused George Bush as his vice president. George Bush, an AB member. Our government has become an oligarchy.

    The right to the pursuit of happiness…. is protected by the constitution. Supreme Court ruling 1952?…53? Seeing a doctor should be protected under the right to the pursuit of happiness. Americans should not have to mortgage their homes or sell their souls to get medical treatment. Forcing America’s to buy private health insurance is unconstitutional. The removal of choice is the very definition of evil.

    The bottom line: the AB is not going to give up their cash cow. They will put on a Jerry Springer type show to mislead the masses. The government LOVES MONEY. Your money, they call their tax revenue. So the solution is:

    1.) Remove as many lawyers from government as possible. How can the AB serve the best interest of the American people and serve their largest employer? The insurance establishment.

    2.) All medical expenditures including insurance and legal fees should be subtracted from your income and/or profit. This will lower federal income instantly. This will motivate the new non-AB politicians to fine tune what is left of the problem.

    3.) All communities need to create insurance free zones. A place where medical facilities can serves the community free from lawyer greed. If the lawyers in the American Medical Association refuse to corporate, then the states may invoke free trade and use free trade to defend the pursuit of happiness by importing Doctors and medical supplies.

    Remember, Vote Non-Lawyer, “stop the oligarchy”, and Veterans, prepare to lock and load in defense of the constitution. Feel free to copy and send this anywhere, to stop the evil.

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