Thank You for signing our petition!

We want to thank you for signing our petition!

Now the real work begins..

Call the Whitehouse, write a letter to your congressman, tell them we support extensive agressive banking reform that includes eliminating derivatives, short-selling and any and all high risk activities.

And also don’t forget the Move Your Money campaign started by Arriana Huffington at Huffington Post.  You can access that program at: Ariana Huffington and Rob Johnson – Move Your Money: A New Year’s Resolution  

This Big Bank Boycottt movement could send real shock waves through the banking industry. There is NO better way to exert our power than through a boycott.  And WE have got to do it now, not just wait for Obama to run into another Republican fillibuster. He cannot do it without CLEAR overwhelming support from the populace.

Please distribute this petition widely. I’m sorry we don’t have all the addresses and numbers neatly here for you like some of the petition sites, but they are readily available on the web.


~ by Eric Harrington on January 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank You for signing our petition!”

  1. thanks. cant do enough to help.

  2. If Obama and the ordinary peaple throughout the world unite against the greed and criminality of the banking elite, the reckless mindless gamblers within the banking world at large, it will be one of the biggest leaps for the majority to free themselves of the control and ruination placed on the majority of mankind by a handfull of individuals with no risk to themselve who knowingly have placed millions of hard working honest people into a strangle hold of dept and in the final total ruin.The banks have acted as criminals with no regard for anyone except winning a game on a gaming board they knew they could not loose.The bale out proved that and so they have continued the game .Our lives are the markers and out lives are what thay have gambled with,time they all paid the dept they owe to society like any criminal. whatever position they hold they know the game they played from the moment it began and still it goes on in our faces and we do nothine . Time to bring the house of cards down to size, all of them and with as much respect and care they showed all of us good people who have worked simply to enable them to play the game against us. Shame on them let the fight back begin

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