European Law to ban sale of all herbal medicines in April 2011!!

This is without question the most aggregious example of the rampant global corporatist state.  Big Pharma is literally trying to OUTLAW all herbal medicines, many of which have been used successfully and safely for THOUSANDS of YEARS.

The entire world needs to respond to this becasue trust me, if they got it done in Europe, America is next!

The most important thing is publicity. This needs to be challenged in court.. – Eric


(15 April 2010)– From April 2011, European legislation (EC Directive 2004/24/EC) which has already been passed in 2004 will come into force which will effectively mean that ALL Herbal medicines will disappear from the shelves in our High Streets or internet shops within the EU. Freedom of choice in medicine is being taken away. You will only have access to treatments which are Pharmaceutical Drugs based in order to treat your own and your families ailments. No Chinese herbs, No Ayurvedic (Indian) herbs, No Western herbs, NO MEDICINAL HERBS WHATSOEVER. Chinese medicine practitioners will lose access to the majority of the herbs and medicines on which they rely. Consumers will NOT be able to buy any Chinese herbal products within the EU.
This legislation has been heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, who want to protect their profit and will stand to gain by this legislation. There is not any evidence to prove that herbal medicine present a significant risk to the public under previous and present legislation, when policed properly.
“In the case of something like Chinese medicine, the safety issue is a red herring because hundreds of millions of people safely use Chinese medicine already and incredible amounts of research, safety data, usage data, and AER data is available in Asian countries if the EU officials cared to look into it. A blanket ban on products that have been safely used by billions of people for centuries seems to fly in the face of the modern vision of a harmonious, globally integrated society. ”
“Getting a classical herbal medicine from a non-European traditional medicinal culture through the EU registration scheme is akin to putting a square peg into a round hole. The regulatory regime ignores and thus has not been adapted to the specific traditions. Such adaptation is required urgently if the directive is not to discriminate against non-European cultures and consequently violate human rights.”
Despite the petitions and demonstrations from herbal practitioners and consumers, as in April 2010, the UK government is showing clear intention to enforce this ban. Although there is still around 11 months away, some of our suppliers have already taken precautions to stop importing stocks in order to accommodate for this change in law and therefore, we are also reducing the stock level and stop stocking low demand products. We are expecting the shortage of supply on certain herbal products in coming months, as the UK based suppliers are calculating the risk of importing and stocking herbal products as the deadline of ban is looming.
We advise our customers to consider stocking up on any medications which you are particularly reliant on, as there is a great chance that they will no longer be available in the UK from next year.
Please raise the issue to your local MP and sign the petition here <> .



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“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super state without their peoples knowing what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.” Jean Monnet
“To Achieve World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism their loyalty to family traditions and national identification” Brock Chisholm – Director of the World Health Organization
” A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it’s going to get.” Ian Williams Goddard
The fact is that ‘political correctness’ is all about creating uniformity. Individualism is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of the New World Order. They want a public that is predictable and conditioned to do as it’s told without asking questions.

~ by Eric Harrington on April 16, 2010.

23 Responses to “European Law to ban sale of all herbal medicines in April 2011!!”

  1. Amen

  2. we will appreciate it if you also metion these whole article is copied from our website thanks!

  3. We desagree with disable to sell herbalis preparation

  4. Understand the big picture “The Elite want to DEPOPULATE the WORLD”, too 500 million (based on the Georgia Guide stones).
    The Luciferians and brain washed minions are obsessed with a One World Government and Depopulation!

    Herbs can counter act the MAN made viruses they will be spreading!
    See George Hunt’s video of the 1992 UN UNCED conference.
    and Fritz Springmeier Blood Lines of the Illuminati
    Great presentation.
    We have to stop this nightmare!, Talk, Show, Listen, Logically Reason with others. Ask everyone to turn that damn TV OFF.
    Dee from the U.S.

  5. […] „Získat klasickou bylinnou medicínu z mimo-evropské tradiční léčebné kultury v rámci systému registrace EU je srovnatelné se snahou zasadit čtyřhranný kolík do kulaté díry. Regulační režim to ignoruje, a proto nebyl přizpůsoben konkrétním tradicím. ”Taková úprava je naléhavě nutná v případě, že směrnice nemá diskriminovat mimo-evropské kultury a tím pádem porušovat lidská práva“. Navzdory peticím a praktickým ukázkám od léčitelů a spotřebitelů, v dubnu 2010, vláda Velké Británie ukazuje jasný záměr tento zákon prosadit. Ačkoliv zbývá ještě zhruba 11 měsíců, někteří naši dodavatelé již učinili opatření k zastavení dovozu zásob s cílem přizpůsobit se této očekávané změně zákona. My také snižujeme zásoby a zastavujeme skladování produktů s nízkou poptávkou. V příštích měsících očekáváme nedostatek v dodávkách některých bylinných produktů, vzhledem k tomu, ze dodavatelé se sídlem ve Velké Británii počítají s rizikem dovozu a skladovaní bylinných produktů jelikož termín, kdy nový zákon vejde v platnost je na obzoru. Doporučujeme našim zákazníkům, aby zvážili předzásobení se léčivy, na kterých jsou obzvláště závislí, protože je velmi pravděpodobné, že tyto už od příštího roku nebudou nadále ve Velké Británii k dispozici. Zdroj:…-april-2011/ […]

  6. history have it the number of side effects people get from using pharmacuetical drugs. secondary, hospital treatment is soly based on sypmtoms and it can not cure the root cuases of illness.unlike the others traditional medicine can be in the form of food and drinks, certain practices and behaviour. what then is the risk involved in using traditional medicine.i am in ghana and i entreat that we all join hands in figthing this selfish desire. it is interesting to say that my project is on how to market traditional medicne in my second degree thesis. i need more material,facts and updates. thank you bye.

  7. Are you kidding me? Have you read the actual legislation? What you are saying is that the transition from where alternative medicine has absolutely no regulation (you can market any medicine you want, with no clinical tests required and claim whatever magical properties you want) to the state where the alternative medicine has to obey the same laws as everyone else is somehow an act of discrimination!? Requiring non-biased, double-blind testing before something can be sold as medicine goes against basic human rights?! A medicine that is proven to be safe and effective?! Who would want that!
    There is a big difference in clamming that you can no longer sell any herbal teas and that you can no longer sell a herbal tea with a sticker that says it is extremely effective in curing baldness.

  8. 99% of herbal medicines advertise uses that have been proven for centuries.

    I don’t need the government to add MILLIONS of dollars in money to verify health claims that have been established for centuries. It is all a scam of Big Pharma. Wake up!

  9. @Eric
    Have you actually read the legislation? If I am not mistaken, any herbal medicine that has been in use for more than 30 years will not have to undergo clinical testing.
    A lot of people have this notion that ‘all natural’ equals healthy and safe which is of course ridiculous – just look at the:
    If a prolonged use of some herbal medicine increases your chances of getting a cancer by a 10-20% it can still easily go unnoticed without proper clinical testing. There is ‘proven’ and there is proven. Dancing to attract rain has been proven to be effective after all. Voodoo is also ‘proven’ in some parts of the world. The list of ‘proven until recently’ things is virtually endless. People are not rational animals. Once we Believe in some medicine, we are extremely unlikely to link any adverse effects to it (we’ll perceive and such suggested link as a personal insult) while linking with it all the positive effects we observe. It’s no accident that it took us so long to think of the double-blind testing procedure. People find the notion that they are biased, deluded or simply sloppy in their ‘testing’ insulting and clearly impossible and so haven’t seen the need for a more objective testing methods for thousands of years. Why would they have otherwise believed that blood-letting is an effective treatment? The doctors of that time obviously haven’t done any proper testing but they could probably quote you a ton of anecdotal ‘evidence’. That kind of ‘evidence’ is extremely easy to find and is unfortunately equally popular today as it was 1000 years ago. Most people today still have no idea why science does not accept anecdotal evidence, believing that it’s some arbitrary rule devised specifically to discredit certain long-held beliefs that scientists happen not the agree with. The notion that we can not be objective without ‘special tools and methods’ is still ridiculous to most people (they would certainly know if they are not being objective!).
    If you think that the Big Alternative Medicine industry (and it is big, rich, and only getting bigger) has only your best interest in mind and is not motivated primary by an easy profit, then you are the one who has to wake up.

  10. Hello,

    To start, everyone is motivated by profit. The bill is simply another effort to regulate the intimate aspects of peoples lives while alowing the big companies who are actually responsible for the erosion of quality of life on so many levels left completely free to poison us. And yes, the alternative health industry has some of that too, but it is no where near as dangerous or detrimental as the pharmaceutical industry. More people die because of new, APPROVED, doulble blind tested drugs, than by all the alternative remidies combined ten fold.

    You see this isn’t about the LAW. The law can be framed as useful and it might even actually help prevent a few people being ripped off by a few quack remidies here and there. But the law IS ONLY there because the DRUG companies want it there. Don’t kid yourself. It is a lie and a scam. I have not needed a western doctor or medicine, short of a couple doses of antibiotics over 20+ years because I heal myself with herbs. I cannot buy tryptophan in the US because a few people were sickened by TAINTED batches of it in Japan. And the Drug companies used that case to paint tryptophan as “Dangerous” and consequently give the regulators ammunition to remove another safe and effective competitor to their poisonous patents. And THAT is what this bill will ultimately accomplish –not protecting anyone except on a very superficial level but instead give regulators incredible ease in removing competition for the pharmeceutical cartels. This law is purely about protecting drug patent investments.

  11. […] Peppermint now a controlled substance. You can't make it up ! HEALTH (9) European Law to ban sale of all herbal medicines in April 2011!! Where Conspiracy and Reality Collid… Don't follow me…. I'm lost too… Hanging on the […]

  12. What totalitarianism! What brutality! Quote: “Free The Weed

    Go to

    I mean what nonsense?! How can you tell people marijuana causes psychosis (and criminalise it) at the same time as prescribing it? It may be true that badly bred marijuana causes psychosis, this is not a reason to ban it, it is a reason to improve and increase research into this amazing organism; as what we are discovering about marjuana’s remarkable “reflective capabilities” (clumsy phraseology I know and probably better expressed in many other languages, languages which have -unfortunately- been ground under the Anglo-Saxon jackboot), is far more valuable to society than are the social consequences of what is basically a paranoid and hypocritical attitude towards the plant.
    Just think, how many of The World’s economic, political, environmental and social problems would be solved if we legalised the recreational and medicinal use of; opium, coca (in it’s natural state) and marijuana and re-assessed our attitude towards ethno-botanical medicine* generally?

    *”Bunkum!” You say? Not as “Bunkum” as saying “Homeopathy?! Vibrational Medicine?! Impossible! Why? Of-course it’s impossible we don’t know how it can happen! In any case there is no evidence that such processes as “the memory of water” exist!”* go to .

    *I paraphrase only slightly remarks made by a Swiss doctor on “The Radio5 Live Breakfast Show” some years ago.

    In recent years The British Army has burnt it’s largest ever single haul of Afghani hashish (some 250 tons -approx-).
    16 Ounces per Pound, 2240 Pounds per Ton 250 times is 560,000 Ounces. If sold on the street at a very resonable £100/ounce one can see that the total value of the haul is Fifty Six Million Pounds.*
    The U.K government then paid the Afghani farmers for the pleasure of burning it all in one go. This harvest could provide revenue both to us and to them (if we can prove capable of doing business like human beings and not like imperialist aggressors). People are dying in Afghanistan, for what? So that corrupt politicians, doctors, lawyers and others can perpetuate the myth that by keeping many herbs, fungi and other non-synthetic “ethno-botanical” substances illegal we are somehow battling social evils (a “society” which on other occasions our “lassiez-faire” administration claims doesn’t exist -see above-), instead of revealling what the persuance of this policy really means to them in financial terms?

    *Edit 13/07/10 of original figure. Also £56,000,000 is the basic market value, the secondary and tertiary financial benefits to the economy would obviously be considerable. ” From “For Welfare to Work” by Williamtheb

  13. The actual problem is that we do not get to choose, we will not be allowed to buy or sell plants that are now used as medicine. Yes, there are a lot of products that might be of none/or little use, but the Pharmaceutical industry is the ONLY alternative and at least in the US, the veracity as to their medicine is not tested by third parties. They can basically feed us whatever they want. Going back to my point; freedom of choice will be gone. If it is, we will be easy to manipulate in ANY direction.

  14. Which pharma company do you work for, Domjan?

    Pharmaceuticals disasters like Vioxx, etc, have happened in spite of being ‘tested’ (usually on animals, which are not humans, so how can the tests be relevant?) Animal ‘Test’ results have been shown to be falsified by employees of some contract testing companies, so that speaks for itself.

  15. What are you suggesting, that such problems would happen with Herbal remedies which have been used for millenia? I’m sorry, I don’t undertsand your point.

  16. Whoever wants to act against this can at least sign this petition

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