The Secret Life of Plants


Can plants Think?  Can they feel? Can they Fear? 

Most would think no way, but in this pivotal and yet virtually forgotten documentary, it is scientifically PROVED that plants can pick up nearby human and animal emotions, they can fear death, and even REMEMBER the person who kills there neighbor plant. 

If we are to survive, I believe we will have to begin to understand the complete inconnectedness, and sacred nature of all life on the planet.  Human life is not special or unique, we are just the top of the chain, and thus the ones who have the responsibility for everything else. But we cannot survive alone.. 

And if “intellegence”  is how we define the value of life, many may never eat a salad again… 

Between this movie, the story of Alex the Parrot featured here on Conspireality, as well as N’qezi the grey parrot who reads her owners mind on the National Geo special “Animals Who Talk” with Jane Goodall,  it is clear that all animals AND even PLANTS are FAR more intellegent and connected to us than anyone, at least in the western world, ever imagined. 

This is real science, not speculation.  

~ by Eric Harrington on July 16, 2010.

One Response to “The Secret Life of Plants”

  1. i believe it , I just began to realized this summer that when i look at the flowers they are looking right at me and i sence that they re talking to me

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