Fake Terror and the War For Your Mind

I have said over and over the Terror Threat is bogus, a complete fabrication, and in this short video, the guys over at SOTT dissemble all of the post 9/11 US  “Terror Plots”.  

Islamic Terror is a Chimera.  Even the real attacks in foriegn countries are probably supported by the CIA, as was 9/11.

The people behind the on-going false flag terror War are the real threat..  — RL

~ by Eric Harrington on December 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fake Terror and the War For Your Mind”

  1. Every American should see this video. Oorah and Amen.

  2. Or for any war for that matter. By financing these wars they are actually in control of them. No matter which side wins they never loose. Could these entities create fake wars or have some sort of agenda?

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