Iraqi Terrorists Exposed as British Government Agent Provocateurs

Lest we forget who the real Terrorists are… You might recall this incident in Iraq, back in September 2005. It’s a rare instance where the perps of a false flag op were caught red-handed. Every time one hears of “terrorist” bombings in Iraq or Afghanistan, chances are it’s US, Brit, or Mossad agents creating mayhem in order to justify the illegal occupations of these countries. Yet, the sheeple hardly give this a second thought — even after this incident was blown wide open in the MSM (original CNN and Wash. Post reports further below)… From 2005

The REAL face of “Islamic Terror” – Two SAS agents caught carrying
out a false flag terror attack in Basra, Iraq September 20th 2005


 There is a saying of sorts that, if you are going to do something, do it well, and given the serious consequences, nowhere is that more true than when you plan to engage in criminal activity. Today in Basra, Southern Iraq, two members of the British SAS (Special Air Service) were caught, ‘in flagrante’ as it were, dressed in full “Arab garb”, driving a car full of explosives and shooting and killing two official Iraqi policemenThis fact, finally reported by the mainstream press, goes to the very heart, and proves accurate much of what we have been saying on the Signs of the Times page for several years.

The following are facts, indisputable by all but the most self-deluded:

Number 1:

The US and British invasion of Iraq was not for the purpose of bringing “freedom and democracy” to the Iraqi people, but rather for the purpose of securing Iraq’s oil resources for the US, Israeli and British governments and expanding their control over the greater Middle East.

Number 2:

Both the Bush and Blair governments deliberately fabricated evidence (lied) about the threat the Saddam posed to the west and his links to the mythical ‘al-Qaeda’ in order to justify their invasion.

Number 3:

Dressed as Arabs, British (and CIA and Israeli) ‘special forces’ have been carrying out fake ‘insurgent’ attacks, including ‘car suicide bombings’ against Iraqi policemen and Iraqi civilians (both Sunni and Shia) for the past two years. Evidence would suggest that these tactics are designed to provide continued justification for a US and British military presence in Iraq and to ultimately embroil the country in a civil war that will lead to the breakup of Iraq into more manageable ‘statelets’, much to the joy of the Israeli right and their long-held desire for the establishment of biblical ‘greater Israel’

Coming not long after the botched London bombings carried out by British MI5 where an eyewitness reported that the floor of one of the trains had been blown inwards (how can a bomb in a backpack or on a “suicide bomber” inside the train ever produce such an effect), more than anything else today’s event in Basra highlights the desperation that is driving the policy-makers in the British government.

British intelligence would do well to think twice about carrying out any more ‘false flag’ operations until they can achieve the ‘professionalism’ of the Israeli Mossad — they always make it look convincing and rarely suffer the ignominy of being caught in the act and having the faces of their erstwhile “terrorists” plastered across the pages of the mainstream media.

Official: British troops freed in jailbreak


BAGHDAD, Iraq — A British armored vehicle escorted by a tank crashed into a detention center Monday in Basra and rescued two undercover troops held by police, an Iraqi Interior Ministry official told CNN.

British Defense Ministry Secretary John Reid confirmed two British military personnel were “released,” but he gave no details on how they were freed.

In a statement released in London, Reid did not say why the two had been taken into custody. But the Iraqi official, who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity, said their arrests stemmed from an incident earlier in the day.

The official said two unknown gunmen in full Arabic dress began firing on civilians in central Basra, wounding several, including a traffic police officer. There were no fatalities, the official said.

The two gunmen fled the scene but were captured and taken in for questioning, admitting they were British marines carrying out a “special security task,” the official said.

British troops launched the rescue about three hours after Iraqi authorities informed British commanders the men were being held at the police department’s major crime unit, the official said.

Iraqi police said members of Iraq’s Mehdi Army militia engaged the British forces around the facility, burning one personnel carrier and an armored vehicle.

Video showed dozens of Iraqis surrounding British armored vehicles and tossing gasoline bombs, rocks and other debris at them.

With one vehicle engulfed in flames, a soldier opened the hatch and bailed out as rocks were thrown at him. Another photograph showed a British soldier on fire on top of a tank.

“Many of those present were clearly prepared well in advance to cause trouble, and we believe that the majority of Iraq people would deplore this violence,” Reid said. […]

From the Washington Post

Iraqi security officials on Monday variously accused the two Britons they detained of shooting at Iraqi forces or trying to plant explosives. Photographs of the two men in custody showed them in civilian clothes.

When British officials apparently sought to secure their release, riots erupted. Iraqi police cars circulated downtown, calling through loudspeakers for the public to help stop British forces from releasing the two. Heavy gunfire broke out and fighting raged for hours, as crowds swarmed British forces and set at least one armored vehicle on fire.

Witnesses said they saw Basra police exchanging fire with British forces. Sadr’s Mahdi Army militia joined in the fighting late in the day, witnesses said. A British military spokesman, Darren Moss, denied that British troops were fighting Basra police.

From ChinaView>  (orginally pooled from the BBC)

Iraqi police detained two British soldiers in civilian clothes in the southern city Basra for firing on a police station on Monday, police said.

“Two persons wearing Arab uniforms opened fire at a police station in Basra. A police patrol followed the attackers and captured them to discover they were two British soldiers,” an Interior Ministry source told Xinhua.

The two soldiers were using a civilian car packed with explosives, the source said. He added that the two were being interrogated in the police headquarters of Basra.

The British forces informed the Iraqi authorities that the two soldiers were performing an official duty, the source said. British military authorities said they could not confirm the incident but investigations were underway.

~ by Eric Harrington on January 3, 2011.

5 Responses to “Iraqi Terrorists Exposed as British Government Agent Provocateurs”

  1. So…yeah, what DID happen to these guys in the end ? They were pulled out/rescued (“rescued”) and lived to meddle another day ?

    Why can’t I find any speculation (past 2005 when the incident took place) in reputable and more well-known news sources, why no follow-up on this story ? It was intriguing (and embarrassing for the Brit government, whether these guys had gone rogue or simply messed up in getting caught during a sanctioned mission), so you’d think it would’ve sparked more interest and been kept on people’s radar.


  2. Because everything that goes against the official story is immediately labeled “Conspiracy Theory” and every journalist knows promoting such issues is career suicide. It would be one thing if it was a slam dunk story. But they never are. They require digging and in Iraq, digging into such matters could be a fast track to a IED. These guys don’t play fair..

  3. This was just exposed by Sarah Carter, a reporter from the Washington Times. In May, FBI and DEA received reports from Mexico on border intrusions. Approximately 60 Afghan and Iraqi terrorists and high power weapons have made their way into the US through tunnels built by Mexican drug cartels. They apparently paid the drug lords about $20,000 (or the equivalent in weapons) for safe passage through their smuggling routes.

    Not all the details are known, but among other things, they do know these terrorists are/were planning an attack on Fort Wachuca. To date, the location of these terrorists in the US is unknown.

    Is this another example of illegals doing jobs Americans don’t want to do?

  4. hi!!!

  5. […] don’t even need to go on to the next level about false flag attacks carried out by SAS soldiers caught red handed dressed as insurgents with bombs and […]

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