Video- Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

Made a few years back, this is an excellent video tying Peak oil with 9/11.  I personally became aware of the Peak Oil “Theory” over a decade ago and have heard all the propaganda insisting that it is nothing but a theory. Yet all the NUMBERS, ie. oil production levels have peaked for almost a decade now, while demand continues to outpace it.  The peak IS here, and the prices ARE going up slowly, inexorably,  and it will only get worse from here.  The consequence of this unavoidable future is the “War on Terror” — the fictional threat that justifies America’s continued militarism and oil hegemony–  and much like the “Communist” threat of the 50’s, it is a chimera, a phantom to promote fear and justify our imperialist actions..

The sad truth is, the 3-4 trillion spent on the Great Financial Shakedown ala “TARP”  etc..  and the endless war on Iraq and Afghanistan, would have been enough to convert over half our eletrical infrastructure to solar and wind power, the only REAL solution to Peak oil.  Buy solar now while you can, because solar panels are very energy intensive to make ,and the prices will skyrocket along with everything else, as the oil demand outpaces supply in the coming years.  We, the people are going to have to make the transition ourselves, for the government is wholly owned and operated by the Oil, Banking, Insurance,  Pharma Mafia, commonly called the Globalists, or New World Order deciples, and they will never respond in time if at all.  Why should they,  they are getting mega- rich, selling the same amount of oil for more and more money, sucking what little money the people actually save in endless financial scams, and then pumping us full of pharmaceuticals and bad food to keep us sick and indentured to the western healthcare yoke.

For those who don’t undertsand this, you have to wake up NOW!  Start by watching this video.

~ by Eric Harrington on February 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Video- Oil, Smoke & Mirrors”

  1. Hi There Conspireality,
    Thanks for that, I put oil in the cooking pan then place it on large heat for idk..ten..twenty? minutes when i play movie online games, i forgot about it.
    Then i bear in mind and i am like oh ****! There is certainly smoke everywhere in the kitchen area! I open up up each windows and doors and it goes absent just after a bit.
    Query is, while, my cooking pan is black within, black and crusty from the burnt oil, do you presume i could re-use it once a superior scrap or it really is scrap?
    Many thanks for examining.
    Good Job!

  2. Do oils such as olive oil, vegetable oil, motor oil….etc make spring piston airguns smoke? I was watching a video a long time ago about a guy putting motor oil in the back of a pellet, it make the pellet increase in velcity and give a cool little smoke effect. I had just bought an air rifle and tried it and it worked rather well although i used olive oil….it still worked. now, as long as i clean the gun afterwards can olive oil damage the barrel or anything else on a .177 cal airgun?

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