Wadah Khanfar (Editor of Al Jazeera): A historic moment in the Arab world

A very inspiring discussion of the recent revolution in the middle east by the editor of Al Jazeera.  This is truly an incredible time and the people of America could really learn a thing or two from the middle east and Iceland for that matter in how to achieve change, namely, going out onto the streets and making yourselves heard en masse.  Unfortunately, I think if we did that we might get a real surprise that our government might react more brutally than even these “viscious” dictators do. Just ask Ray McGovern about that..  But we do have to leave our couches to achieve real change.  Let’s hope the new fervor of Democracy in the middle east can spill over into our own totalitarian corporatocracy here in America.


~ by Eric Harrington on March 4, 2011.

6 Responses to “Wadah Khanfar (Editor of Al Jazeera): A historic moment in the Arab world”

  1. The last thing I would do is listen to anyone from Al Jazeera. They are definetly not democratic. They would love to see our country in pandemonium. I an not saying sit on your couch, what I am saying is this would relieve pressure off of Al-Queda if our government had to worry about revolution. Al-Jazeera was responsible for the death of Afganistans Northern leader Amoud during 9/11 who was pro-American. Al-Jazeera is a radical, pro muslim news source who truly hates the United States……

  2. You must watch Fox news…
    Al KAida is a lie, they don’t even exist..They are nothing but a bogus boogeyman to keep people afraid and they had NOTHING to do with 9/11 outside of being first grade patsies.. 19 bearded Oswalds..

  3. I learned that you cannot argue with conspiracy theorists. Even with absolute proof. If you do not believe that Al-Queda exists,
    I guess the Taliban doesn’t either along with all the other terrorist. I pray very hard for the blind, I will pray for you…

  4. Yes the taliban does exist. We created them. Yes, Al-Kaida exists in a very limited capacity NOW, but it was fiction in 2001, a ragtag network of afghani freedom fighters abandoned by the US after the Russians left. But we created them ALSO. AS for 9/11, DO THE HOMEWORK! READ!! Start by reading my pages here and explain.. But whatever you do, don’t believe what your told by the mainstream media, question everything. And good luck with that prayer thing, but certainly, feel free to send some my way…

  5. I do not beleive everything I hear and all you told me is old news. I always question everything. Your the one who contradicted yourself. Except for our dear partners Israel, the entire Mideast
    despises the U.S., including Al-Jazeera. I’ve seen their propaganda. I know more about the Mideast than you can imagine. I suggest you wake up and see them for what they are. Please don’t be mislead my friend. Stick by your country for better or for worse. Chavez along with the rest of our enemies abhor Christianity. I belong to VOM(Voice of Martyrs), are you aware of
    what they have been doing to Christians? They claim to put an end to Israel and the U.S., I had seen this with my own eyes and ears.
    Read Scripture, we are to love are neighbor not kill them. Out of
    ignorance we had creatd some inconcievable evil. This was during their war with Russia. We made mistakes, lets not repeat them and fall into their evil schemes. You are wondering from the main point? why? We were talking about Al-Jazeera, the partners of terrorists.

  6. The evidence suggests the only real terrorists in this world are the CIA and the Mossad.

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