Eric Harrington – The Big Lie, Part 2

Recently in the first piece entitled “the Big Lie” I discussed how the neo-conservative movement has bought into a dangerous, “ends-justifies-the-means” mentality, one in which they will do anything, including lying about anything, to forward their agenda.  This concept extends to another subgroup of the Neo-con movement for even more bizarre and frightening reasons.


The real “base”, if you will or the foot-soldiers of the Neo-con movement are predominantly the Fundamentalist Christians.  With Bush’s popularity tanking, and the more moderate Republicans fleeing like rats on a sinking ship from any association with him, still the devout stick by his side come hell or high water (no New Orleans pun intended).


Why this undying devotion?  I think it stems from another difficult to understand alliance, the one between the Fundamentalist Christians, and the Nation of Israel.  In 1947, the Jews of the world were gifted a homeland they called Israel.  It was said that this was compensation for the terrible genocide of the Holocaust, and yet, it was an Arab held and occupied territory (not German, Italian, nor Japanese) that was effectively taken from the predominantly Arab people who had lived there for centuries, and simply “given” to the Jews.   The suggestion that it was originally Judea and the homeland of the Jews is a popular justification, but the territory has been controlled by many “nations” and religions before and since the brief (in historical terms) rule of the Jewish people in Judea. But my purpose here is not to argue the validity of the Israeli state or it’s location…


So why Judea? Why not a spot in say, Italy or Bavaria? Maybe Sicily or some other Axis- held territory?  It is primarily because the Fundamentalist Christian and Jewish leaders in the US lobbied hard for a nation of Israel precisely where it is prophesied — in Judea.


And why would Christians (who if their own tradition is to be believed would have every reason to blame the Jews and not the Romans for the death of Jesus) not only support a nation state of Israel in Judea — with on-going pressure and support for aid that exceeds all other foreign aid combined (until Iraq) — but also provide an unwavering and unquestioning support of all Israeli military actions since 1948?


The answer is quite simple, and another example of the Big Lie. The Prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ. 


Without a Nation of Israel precisely in the location it is, there could be no fulfillment of the prophecy given in Revelations of the return of Jesus Christ.  And ultimately, a major war focused around Israel is the next necessary step in the events leading to the Second Coming.  No wonder the Fundamentalists in this country so willingly buy into the Big Lie and its use by the Neo Cons to further their wars in the Middle East, when even staunch Republican chicken hawks have fled the ranks! It is because they believe that even though such a war may or may not be helpful in making us safer from the great phantom “Terrorism” it is definitely a requirement for bringing about the Second Coming of Christ. And who is right or wrong in the conflicts makes no difference, for in the truest of Big Lie “ends-justify-the-means” logic, either way, the Fundamentalists win.  It makes no difference why the Israeli’s attack, or are attacked by their neighbors, as long as it leads to a continuing escalation of Middle East violence that is necessary– or rather more frighteningly INEVITABLE,  for it is foretold – an escalation that will ultimately leave the sinful world littered with empty clothes.  It is, in the mind of the devout fundamentalist, really not even in our hands to change.


Thus the loyal Neo-con Fundamentalist has a clever hedged bet in their unwavering support of the aggressive Bush agenda, as well as that of Israel, and of their wars. Oh, they will say it’s all about national security, and protecting us and Israel from the evil Muslims, but that is all just another chapter of the Big Lie, for they believe in their hearts that if it doesn’t, it is just the first in a series of season tickets to the Second Coming extravaganza!


And for them, consciously or unconsciously, the details are really unimportant, and the innocent deaths just a minor sacrifice — much like the poor Canaanites who were “Smited” by the Jews to acquire the land of Judea in the first place. Reasons are arbitrary, as long as the Middle East war continues to escalate against Israel and carry them increasingly closer to their reunion with the Messiah.

~ by Eric Harrington on September 2, 2008.

One Response to “Eric Harrington – The Big Lie, Part 2”

  1. A Jewish homeland has part of president Wilson’s, a thousand points of light and the creation of the League of Nations. Both felled with the start of World War I in 1914. It is too bad, a Jewish homeland may have foiled Hitler’s propaganda and World War II may have been avoided.

    The Roman Empire removed Jews from Judea in the 2nd Century A.D. and renamed the area Palestine. The Area was controlled by the Byzantine Empire and then the Ottoman Empire until after World War I. In 1919 the British, French, and Italians divided the corpus of the Ottoman Empire.

    “an Arab held and occupied territory”, Arabs did gain control of the area in 1947 but the plan was for the two brothers, Ishmael and Isaac to share the land. Ishmael refused to share, and in 1948 Isaac…….. you know the rest.

    Neo-con are bad…. you got that right. A Nation without a king rises out of a land with few people. It is a christian country, but after a while it becomes very evil. Rev. 13:11

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