BOYCOTT Fox News!!!

As I said in my recent piece Why is Glen Beck calling Obama racist grounds for pulling ads, while Fox News routinely and demonstrably LYING is not? I find boycotting Glen Beck’s advertisers silly, since they just moved to other Fox programs, and especially since FOX News LIES  EVERYDAY, about virtually EVERYTHING.. THAT is real grounds for a boycott, not some bogus insult.

Viewers of Fox News have been shown to be gravely ignorant of common information, and while it might be a commentary on their audiences mean intelligence, it can’t be exclusively that. They are being systematically LIED TO.  And the magic of Fox is that they tell them the lies they WANT to believe.. They feed their predjudices  and hatred.

So finally, Care 2 Make a Difference has begun a boycott movement of ALL Fox News advertisers, and we at Conspireality are behind them 110%!!!

Let’s all get on this bandwagon and make some noise, and show Fox we won’t let them fictionalize the political discourse any longer. Let’s make Rupert Murdock float that propaganda network with his OWN money.. Even for a few weeks..





Conspireality TV


PS..  Here is the list of advertisers initally to be Boycotted as of 8/31/09:

Accu-Chek (Roche)
Consumer Debt
Cooney & Conway
Johnson Law Group
Merit Financial
Pearle Vision
Rosland Capital
The Villages
Video Professor

~ by Eric Harrington on September 9, 2009.

9 Responses to “BOYCOTT Fox News!!!”

  1. Never watched them, never will.

    And stop referring to them as a NEWS network. They are nothing but OPINION!!

    From the YouTube Videos, Crooks & Liars website and Media Matters – that OPINION Network gets their daily talking points to say over and over again and slants their views against Obama or for Cheney/Bush.

    I scan the other NEWS networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC along with PBS) and see news how FAUX refuses to show key items or twists the words that are said and shown into an entire different meaning.

  2. What bothers me is that a portion of my cable or satellite bill goes to subsidizing the GOP propaganda channel. We have no say in the matter. We should target the cable/satellite providers with the message that we are tired of having a portion of our bill funding a channel whose sole existence is to provide disinformation and mislead the public. Personally, I have the Fox News channel blocked on my satellite, just as if it were porn. To me, it is more offensive than porn.

  3. Same as above. I’ve blacked FAUX out on my TV. My news comes from the Internet and Progressive Radio. People who listen to Fox would probably join a cult if offered.

  4. I do not watch Fox NOISE.

  5. But now that John Stewart and Colbert are on vacation how does one humor themselves without watching faux noise. They certainly tickle my funny bone.

  6. Who in the hell would watch Fox crap z?????????? They should be taken to court to have the NEWS part taken off, “we make it up, you decide.”

  7. If fox news is the GOP’s voice. What does that make the rest of the media? Socialism and communism are the backbone of the current administration. No “main stream media” outlet has even touched on calling healthcare reform what it is, socialized medicine. Neither have they touched on the fact in the midst of the worst recession in decades, the democrats are spending like hell, levying new taxes and adding more government subsidy that will cost the taxpayer even more. How can you spend to get out of debt. Common sense does not reign in the MSM. At least fox news will bring things like this up. Even if there is an agenda behind it. At least they are not sweeping it under the rug.

  8. Reality… Just the fact that in this very reply you bring up socialism like it’s a dirty word, when every bit of progress the middle class ever made in this country was due to SOCIALISM imposed during world war 2 shows exactly why FOX news and their propaganda should be banned. They are not just the voice of the GOP, but they are the voice of absolute disinformation.

    There is room in all civilized society for a little socialistic safety net here and there without it meaning the end of that capitalistic society of greed you value so much.. We can start with socializing the Banks and Insurance companies. They are capitalistic parasites..

  9. Drama:

    What Lies have been told? Is there a list? There is just too much emotion and not enough facts. I find all News today bias. Point me to a list for analyst.

    Thank you

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