Angry Cowboy – Chickenshit Republicans…(a reply to an email)

Dear Friend,

The Republicans (they’re not conservative) have way over-used the word “Scary”.  For a bunch of chest-beating, macho folks( both sexes) they sure claim to be scared a lot.  That Glen Beck has a panic attack and predicts the end of life as we know it every time Obama cuts his toenails.

They were scared about everything Bill Clinton did; now everytime Obama does anything, they do their Chicken  Little dance.  They were even scared when Obama told the kids to study.

It was almost worth having a moron for president for eight years just so we didn’t have to listen to these people whine.  OK, he started two pointless wars, wrecked the economy, did all he could to help the super-rich, set science back 100 years, stole two elections and ran up the national debt to undreamed of levels,…….And Obama and all his works scare you!?  Jeez, I’m depressed.

Right now we’re going through yet another orgy of blame.  If a bird shits on your windshield, it’s Obama’s fault.  The Republican hate machine is cranked up and running full tilt.  We must vote out all the incumbents!  Do you honestly think Americans are capable of following the logic here?  Hell, they don’t even understand that buying all the Chinese junk at Walmart caused their factory jobs to go away.  They allowed the government to neglect the immigration mess until it started effecting Arkansas.  Now that it’s too late, they’re all pissed off.  They heartily approved of invading two countries because a few terrorists hid in ONE OF THEM!  Now that we’ve lost thousands of lives and spent hundreds of billions, do I hear “Support the troops”.  Hell, no!  All I hear is, “We want a tax break.”

We’re really good at expressing our rage, but not so good at taking rational steps to change things for the better.  God forbid we should ever be asked to make any sacrifice for the good of the country!  I’ve been waiting for years to hear anybody actually discuss issues. All I hear is  bullshit. This on-going tantrum is childish and boring.

And don’t think that I think I’m smarter than anyone else.  I VOTED FOR RICHARD NIXON AND JOHN EDWARDS!


Angry Cowboy

~ by angrycowboy on September 21, 2010.

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