JEsse Ventura’s “Police State” episode pulled. See it HERE!

The “Police State” episode of Jesse Ventura’s show covering FEMA camps has been forcibly pulled from air

With the powers-that-be unhappy with such a substantial program airing on cable TV, supporters should  treasure what they have been able to get out thus far. The very future of the series could be in question, though certainly things are still up in the air at this point. If you appreciate the content that has been on Conspiracy Theory thus far, you should do everything you can tell your friends and associates to tune in, and make sure these dynamic episodes are seen by the widest possible audience:

Part 1 of 3:

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

~ by Eric Harrington on December 17, 2010.

One Response to “JEsse Ventura’s “Police State” episode pulled. See it HERE!”

  1. Section 1031 of the NDAA bill declares the whole of the United States as a “battlefield” and allows American citizens to be arrested on U.S. soil and incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay.

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